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Fat Loss Winning Recipe

Lientjie J v Rensburg 2Sincerest congratulations to Lientjie for her amazing results! She lost 20.3 kg total weight and 21.7 kg fat weight on our Weight Control Clinic program. What an amazing achievement! As Lientjie herself says: ‘the results are so much better if you exercise while on the program, so all patients should definitely do both for optimal results.’ This is a scientific fact! This amount of fat loss is only possible if you exercise while eating healthy. It is important that you do exercise that you enjoy (she totally agrees).

What an awesome journey that we shared with Lientjie. You are such a great example to everyone, giving hope to all! Showing it is possible if you always keep your goal in mind! Also sticking to the Weight Control Clinic program AND exercise do pay off and BOTH are essential for optimal health. The most important thing now is to maintain the fat loss to reset the weight set point in the brain. We are here to support and motivate you! Well done!!!

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