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12 Week ‘Ways2Wellness for Women’ ONLINE Program

Starts 18 March 2022

Ways2Wellness is our Balanced Holistic Health Coaching Program consisting of 8 modules. This program is only available ONCE PER YEAR!

In this 12-week journey you will explore every corner of your mind, body and soul; to find the best health & wellness solution(s) for you! We will be with you every step of the way.

We combine practical health with play and fun, to bring you an ultimate joyful learning experience. This will allow you to easily incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle, to encourage real results and long term health and happiness!

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Try Our All New Online Health Experiences to Improve All Aspects of Your Health in the Comfort of You Own Home: 

  1. Do you want to improve your health, but don’t know where to start and are overwhelmed with all the info out there? Then our ‘Optimise Your Health & Wellbeing in Only 12 Weeks!’ online course is for you! With the step-by-step practical holistic approach developed by Dr Arien. Get it now
  2. Do you need some personal guidance, support and advice on your specific health goal? Look no further: We (Dr Arien & Anri) are available for online (WhatsApp/Email) consultations. Pop us an email or contact usto set up an appointment.
  3. Is your clothes sitting a bit tight? Are you struggling to fit into last years winter clothes? Are you feeling depressed about how you look and feel? Are you tired of trying a new diet every other day and nothing works? Are you looking in the mirror and hating what you are seeing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have the solution for you! Invest in your health and improve your relationship with food by making a lifestyle change. Join our Lean Lockdown Lifestyle Challenge today and get the healthy eating plan, meal plans, home workouts, recipes and more, that you need to change your life for the better. In just 30 days you will feel and look better!
  4. Worried about you or your family becoming sick through this challenging time and with winter here? Try our effective Immune Support Health Box to strengthen your immune system (aka your army that fight off virusses, bacteria, parasites etc).
  5. Want to improve your energy, sleep, stress levels or overall health? Visit our online Health Shop to get what you need or let us know what your health goal is and we will make our recommendation.
 Your Complementary Health Education Resources:

Immune Support and Stress Management Tips 

  1. Stress from uncertainty and deep seated survival concerns (manifested as feelings of panic, fear, anxiety or physically as e.g. hand clenching, heart palpitations, shallow or fast breathing, gut discomfort) is insidious and more contagious than any virus. It also suppresses the immune system.
  2. We’re going to practice some Mind Training to use throughout this precious period of Personal Retreat, IF WE ALLOW IT TO BE that, rather than ongoing emphasis on isolation and lockdown!

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If you could safeguard your future health, would you?

Genetic risk is a susceptibility, a potential and not an inevitability! Make your health your number one priority. Allow us to assist you with holistic health coaching, incorporating functional tools to prevent your genes from expressing as future disease. This is preventative medicine at its best!

Once-off Payment for a Life-Time Risk Assessment!


Watch our short video on Genetic Screening

Natural Integrative



There is a global renewed interest in natural medicine, wellness and health promotion.  The importance and validity of natural medicine (both as an alternative to conventional medication and as a synergistic part of conventional treatments) is a sign of our times!

Weight Control



There is a close relationship between obesity and genetics, physical inactivity and unhealthy eating habits. A healthy diet plan and exercise plan is essential and may increase insulin sensitivity, decrease body weight and preserve muscle mass.




Dr Arien can provide support for your workplace wellness interventions and programs, from initial design, through project management and practical workshops, seminars and courses.




A multi faceted integrative program, that follows a spiral journey inward and outward, with no beginning and no end. Where you start with the program, therefore is not important; rather that you actually start is!


Meals & Recipes


FitFood Ready-Made Meals can be used for every meal or you can freeze it if you want to keep it for a rainy day when you’re just not in the mood to make food or don’t have the time. The food is delicious and tasty, it won’t even feel that you’re eating diet food (i.e. it is not bland).




FunFitness helps you to get your body toned and ready no matter what your goal or fitness level. Everything happens outdoors, with no unhygienic gym equipment, or boring exercises.

Science & Nature in Balance

Health and happiness is your birthright but how many people ever really experience optimal health

The absence of illness does not necessarily mean good health. Many people go through life without ever experiencing the joy of feeling on top of the world – being perfectly happy with all aspects of their lives: physical appearance (skin, body shape, weight and muscle tone); fitness; mental-emotional and spiritual wellbeing. In their quest they rush from pillar to post trying to find different service providers for all their needs.

Would it not be wonderful if there could be a place where all their needs can be professionally addressed in one space in a holistic manner? But is there really such a place anywhere in South Africa – or is it merely an impossible dream?

Holistic Medicine Defined

The term, holistic (from root word ‘whole’) medicine, describes therapies that consider the individual as a whole person, part of a bigger system. Therefore, instead of treating only the symptoms of an illness or disease, as in mainstream medicine (allopathy), an individual’s overall physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, occupational and environmental wellbeing will be considered before recommending specific treatments and health coaching protocols.

A practitioner with a holistic approach, will treat the symptoms of illness, while considering the underlying cause. Holistic medicine also attempts to prevent illness or disease, by emphasising optimal health and wellbeing. The body’s systems are seen as interdependent parts of the person’s whole being. The physical body’s natural state is one of health, therefore illness or disease indicates an imbalance in the body’s systems and stable inner milieu (homeostasis). Holistic therapies tend to emphasise lifestyle, a return to normal physiological and biochemical functioning, emotional release work and avoidance of chemical substances that might harm and contaminate the body.

The tools and techniques used, are non-invasive and support the body’s return to its natural state of health.

Our holistic approach comprises of Natural Medicine, Weight Control Clinic, Natural Skin CareTimeless DNA and Workplace Wellness.

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