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‘epi’ means ‘above’ or ‘over’ the genetic information encoded in the DNA.

Epigenetic direct environment – all of which is in our control to manage and optimise:

  • Water – the interior of each cell is water
  • Oxygen: Breathing – if we breathe properly, cells get more oxygen for energy and cell function)
  • Nutrients, micronutrients (food as medicine) – the healthy, super foods we eat or drink, provides fuel and support for all optimal cell functions
  • Hormones, communication (ligand or primary messenger, informational substances – IS)
  • Thoughts, emotions: vibration of molecules of emotion  – the mental-emotional and spiritual aspects of health, also the ligands or primary messenger molecules, IS)
  • The cell membrane is therefore the true brain of the cell (black frame below, enlarged in 2nd illustration)
  • Epigenetic environment is the area of hope and control of our own health, wellbeing and DNA expression! We are not the victims of our genes!

The emerging field of epigenetics (epi = above) is showing us that the cell membrane and its receptor binding sites, supersede the genetic code and can restore cell function, even genetic in origin. The environment of the cell is ultimately responsible for the efficacy of cell function through selective binding to receptors. The cell environment includes nutrients, oxygen, water, the vibrations of thoughts and emotions via the molecules of emotion (peptides or informational substances), and ultimately our sense of spiritual connection to our Source or Inner Being, to encourage a higher vibration of molecules binding to receptors on cell membranes. Understanding this, will help us know that we’re not helpless victims of our genetic heritage, but powerful Beings who can take charge of our own health and wellbeing, by changing the environment of the cell, to ensure correct and effective messages enter through the cell membrane, right into the nucleus and DNA, where transcription for protein synthesis, and ultimately cell functions, take place.

Please don’t wait for future genetic chemical engineering to change your health outcomes! Decide today to CHOOSE to change your inner and outer life for improved health enhancing behaviour. Chronic illness regarded as health challenge, is often the first prompt to search for deeper meaning, realising what is important in life and then making the necessary adaptations for a healthier lifestyle. Genetics do play a part in illness by determining the physical weak links. If you take care of the epigenetic environment however, the genetic expression can, and will, be changed, or never even express.

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