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Winners of our ‘Lose to Win’ Competition

Before & After Photos, Testimonials

‘The winners were based on FAT LOSS, NOT only total weight loss’

We Focused on Body Composition, Not Only Total Body Weight!

Body weight consists of 4 components: Body water, Protein, Mineral and Fat. Click here to read more about Body Composition

Congratulations to ALL the Winners of the ‘Lose to Win’ Competition! Well Done!

5th Competition: June to September 2016

janco-kruger-lose-2-win-competition-winner1. Janco Kruger is the winner of our 5th Lose 2 Win Competition – WOW! Well done! You are a star!  

‘Up until July 2016, I haven’t been very happy with my weight. I decided to take on the program offered by the Weight Control Clinic to fix that. The goal that I had set for myself was a body transformation, and the friendliness and support of the team motivated me to achieve this goal. The combination of the meal plan and exercise routine has left me feeling satisfied, and it has increased my energy. The changes that my body has undergone during the first half of the program really excite me, and I cannot wait to see how the rest of the program will go. I cannot thank the Weight Control Clinic Team enough for their help and support during the program.‘ Janco Kruger (21 year old male, industrial designer)

  • Total weight loss: 11.7 kg
  • Total fat loss: 11.5 kg

tanya-nolan-before-and-after2. Tanya Nolan is 2nd in our 5th Lose 2 Win Competition – Amazing!  

‘When I started with this program I was very skeptical as I have tried everything and never succeeded or ever reached my goals. I am happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised by my results but apart from achieving my goal, this program has also made me realise that I am capable of so much more than I ever thought was possible. Thank you to Anri and her team for all the support and motivation, I couldn’t have done it without you.’  Tanya Nolan (20 year old female, student)

  • Total weight loss: 10.1 kg
  • Total fat loss: 8.3 kg

amanda-potgieter3. Amanda Potgieter is 3rd in our 5th Lose 2 Win Competition – Awesome! Well done.  

‘When I first came to Dr Arien my reason for losing the weight, was to be comfortable in my body. To wear what I want and not what I have to. Clothes to fit my taste, not my figure… For my own health and self-confidence and to be in the body I was created to have and enjoy. This program helped me to reach my goal and motivated me to go further to my second goal, which I never even realised could be possible! I never felt like I was deprived of anything or that I had to make any “sacrifices”, I only needed to make healthy and smarter choices which Anri helped me with. There is NO “cheat-meal” that I can enjoy, which can make up for the joy and happiness when that old pair of small jeans fits again!! A cheat-meal can only satisfy you for a few minutes…while the feeling of losing weight, hearing the constant compliments from people around you and reaching you dream goal, lasts for days and months to come….Thank you again! It’s worth every penny so far!’ Amanda Potgieter (40 year old female, financial advisor)

  • Total weight loss: 13.3 kg
  • Total fat loss: 6.6 kg

4th Competition: January/February 2016 to May 2016

Lynette Jansen van Rensburg

1. Lynette Jansen van Rensburg is the winner – AMAZING! Lynette emphasises the importance of regular exercise while following our program. She exercises and incorporates her other healthy habits on a daily basis. Lynette is another great example from all our winners and from her results it is clear to see how important exercise is as her fat loss is very close to her total weight loss.

  • Total weight loss: 17.6 kg
  • Total fat loss: 13.1 kg


Special congratulations to Douglas Mamba for your commitment to succeed. Douglas lost 8.7 kg in 3 months. Well done!

3rd Competition: September 2015 to December 2015


Lientjie J v Rensburg 21. Lientjie Janse van Rensburg is the winner – super job! Lientjie actually lost more fat weight than her total weight loss! This is truly amazing and indicates the importance of regular exercise (where gaining some muscle weight supports both metabolism and fat loss) while following an eating plan.

  • Total weight loss: 12 kg
  • Total fat loss: 12.6 kg

L Janse van Rensburg‘Making the much needed decision to make a lifestyle change isn’t a quick fix – its a solution. To make it a continues success you need to find what works for you – for me it was the combination of exercise, a good diet and continues support that made this my solution.Listening to advice but also to your body is of utmost importance. Never underestimate the power of your mind, body & soul connection. You have to stop being your most severe critic and start becoming  your own biggest cheerleader.

I am grateful that I have found the right people who have helped me along my journey and among them the team at the Weight Control Clinic should definitely have an honorary mention. Their wonderful program and the weekly visits really made me feel like I am not doing it alone and that made a huge difference for me compared to other weight loss attempts in the past. Still a bit to go before I reach my goal weight but looking forward to a healthier and lighter 2016!’

N Cilo before & after2. In second place is Noni Cilo losing a whopping 18.1 kg! Well done on this wonderful achievement!

  • Total weight loss: 18.1 kg
  • Total fat loss: 10.8 kg

“Being with Dr Arien has changed my life. I was at the brink of depression and diagnosed with hypertension at the age of 30, I knew I had to do something.

Having been on the Programme for 4 months now and loosing 18kg has been life changing. Simple things like being able to ride a bicycle with my boys , going on long walks and not feeling tired and actually enjoy the walk has been refreshing. My entire life has changed, I am better focused at work and I perform better, have regained myself esteem. Small things like being able to put on your socks or fold your arms right, those are my little big moments. It’s a life style change and I am happy to be part of Dr Arien’s family. Thank you “

K Barzeva before and after3. In third place is Katie Barzeva. You are a star!

  • Total weight loss: 10.6 kg
  • Total fat loss: 8.3 kg

Well done!  It takes hard work, we are proud of you for your commitment to your own good health and happiness!

 “My journey and experience at the Weight Control Clinic with Dr van der Merwe, Nellie and Anri van der Merwe has been incredibly motivating. Since the weight loss, I feel more energetic and have more self confidence. I am proud of myself for achieving what I did. It all starts with being honest, persevering and understanding your body and how it functions so that you can take the correct measures to help restore it. 

2nd Competition: January/February 2015 to June 2015

We congratulate our ‘Lose 2 Win’ Competition Winner of June 2015:

DJ van Schalkwyk (Student, 22 yrs) on the following results in just 3 months:

  • Total Weight LIMG_3090oss = 21.7 kg
  • Total Fat Loss = 18.7 kg

Special congratulations to:

G Mattheyse (Risk Manager, 60 yrs) for his results in just under 4 months:

  • Total Weight Loss = 20.6 kg

L Labuschagne (Senior Lecturer, 42 yrs) for the following results in 3 months:

  • Total Weight Loss = 13.5 kg
  • Total Fat Loss = 10.1 kg


1st Competitions: 1 September 2014 to 8 December 2014


1. Winner of the ‘Lose to Win’ Competition 2014: Sally Giesecke

Lose to Win Competition

Sally (winner) struggling to pick up the 20.9kgs that she lost

Sally lost an astonishing 20.9 kg in 3 months. We are so proud of you!!! Well Done!

Sally: ’20 kg’s ago I was constantly exhausted and struggled to function at work. Now I’m feeling so much better and have alot more energy’

  • Weight Lost: 20.9 kg
  • Fat Lost: 10.6 kg
Yvette picking up the 19.4 kgs she lost

Yvette picking up the 19.4 kgs she lost.

2. Second place: Yvette Prinsloo

  • Weight Lost: 19.4 kg
  • Fat Lost: 9.9 kg 

The Two Winners were Health Buddies throughout the 3 months and supported each other every step of the way.

3. Third Place: Leandri Lotz

Lose to win competition third place

Leandri lifting the 11.4 kgs she lost

Wow! Congratulations to Leandri on losing 11.4 kg in 3 months. Amazing!

‘When I went to Dr Arien at the end of July 2014, after much inner work, I was finally ready to walk the path of health and to feel comfortable in my body. I was desperately looking for help to lose weight, because I could not function properly anymore, without getting breathless and exhausted. I do Latin American dance and I could not fully live out this passion of mine anymore, because a dance lesson was exhausting as I did not have energy to keep up the pace. It was the last straw and I made the decision to not just drive past the Healthy Living Space, but to actually make an appointment. I have lost weight many times before, but the winning recipe at the Healthy Living Space is the combination of the Weight Control Program, Nurse Nellie’s support and Anri’s PlayFunFitness exercise classes (that I am doing twice a week). My fitness level has improved so much (and my arms are half the size it was). I do not gulp for air anymore when I dance! Thank you so much Dr Arien, Anri, Nellie and Dalene! A dictionary does not have enough words to describe how grateful I am for your help and support.’

  • Weight Lost: 11.4 kg
  • Fat Lost: 8.6 kg


Aaryn picking up her 6.5kg she lost in just 2 months

Aaryn picking up the 10.7 kg she lost.

4. Fourth Place: Aaryn Sanders

What a great job! 10.7 kg in 3 months!

‘Dropping from size 18 pants to size 14 feels great! I’m loving the compliments. Feeling great. Thanks ladies ;)’

  • Weight Lost: 10.7 kg
Loyalty award Lose to Win

Lienkie picking up the 30kg weight she lost iweight n 8 months.

  • Fat Lost: 6 kg 

Special congratulations to Lienkie du Plessis who lost a whopping 30 kg from 15 January 2014 to 14 August 2014!

Special congratulations to Lienkie for losing 30 kg in 8 months. Super!

‘I lost 30 kg in 8 months and can finally buy clothes that are pretty and not just clothes that fit me… and it is easier to paint my toe nails!’






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