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Some background to understand what telomeres are and what the enzyme telomerase does:




The DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid molecule) is coiled up as chromosomes inside the cell nucleus and contains the genetic code of all organisms. DNA informs cells which proteins to make. These proteins determine cell differentiation and every one of millions of cell functions. We inherit a combination of DNA from each parent, going back to generations of our ancestors, even sharing DNA of the entire human race.

The telomeres are short, repeated sequences of DNA and proteins at the end of chromosomes as illustrated in the image above where the ends are showing as light. This looped structure prevents the ends of the chromosomes becoming eroded by enzymes present in every cell nucleus. Telomeres also prevent enzymes from joining two chromosomes together, an important role in cellular aging. As cells replicate and age, the telomeres steadily shrink. Then, once they reach a certain length, the cell stops dividing and dies. The enzyme that prevents this from happening, is called telomerase. The telomerase enzyme shows declined activity with age. The answer is to improve its activity to prevent the shortening of telomeres at the end of the chromosomes (coiled multidimensional spiral clumps of DNA). The secret to longevity is to slow down, even stop the deterioration of telomeres. We are able to RESET OUR BIOLOGICAL CLOCK!


Telomerase: the key to longevity


Telomerase is also called telomere terminal transferase (TTT). TTT protects the integrity of chromosomes. Telomerase is optimally active in foetal tissues and adult stem cells, and abnormally active in tumour cells. It demonstrates very low activity in somatic (body) cells as we grow older. Once telomerase is activated to function optimally in body cells, they continue to grow and divide normally. This forms the basis for the immortal cell theory, becoming more and more important in two areas of research: ageing and cancer.


Our task as alert and awake human beings in this time period of our own evolution:

Cell rejuvenation through activation of telomerase

Telomeres shorten in cells according to the genetic ageing of the cells. Therefore, if we prevent this shortening, we will ensure longevity. Based on the science of epigenetics, this genetic ageing is a possibility and not an inevitability. If we keep on programming our ancestral DNA to age according to previous generations’ belief, this shortening of telomeres will occur in the same way it has for previous generations. If, however, we wake up and realise we can change our epigenetic environment, we can stop and even reverse, this shortening, by sending new messages to the DNA to code for new, active proteins to simply carry on with their natural cellular function support.

Epigenetic restructuring or reprogamming forms the basis of Dr Arien’s Timeless DNA Program

Younger cells have longer telomeres, older cells have shorter telomeres and we now have the technology for the first time to provide special blends of nutrients that have been shown to support longer telomeres.

It sounds fantastic but it’s actually here now. Giant leaps forward have been made in nutiritional research. I believe it is a whole new category of technology and a whole new category of nutritional supplementation. Telomere length protection and preservation is the goal of Dr Arien’s Timeless DNA, from The Serum, through Heart-Brain-Body support, to Lifestyle and changing old ways of thinking.

Activating our telomerase: the purpose of Dr Arien’s Timeless DNA Program

  • Lifestyle: active, moving, challenging ourselves with new creative work and hobbies
  • Eating: from berries and other superfoods to Astragalusmembranosus – turns genetic switch in body that activates telomerase enzyme on again
  • Inside and outside: creams, lotions, potions, fillers and supplements – secondary to changing how we think and feel!
  • Informational substances – reprogramming, defragging!
  • Resveratrol
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Human growth hormone – protein, exercise
  • Lower cortisol levels – deep relaxation, meditation, DHEA
  • Vitamin D – 20-30 minutes sunlight early morning, late pm or 10 minutes 12h00

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