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Salad Dressing

salad-dressingThis salad dressing is really great to add some flavour to your salads without adding unwanted calories (like the salad dressings found in grocery stores). You need to take in enough oil per day (at least 3 tablespoons of healthy oils) and this recipe can help you do just that. Oils are essential for the optimal functioning of every single cell.

You need:

  • Vinegar
  • Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil
  • Mixed herbs
  • Salt & pepper
  • Sweetener (optional)
  • Crushed garlic and chili (optional)


  • Fill an empty bottle with a lid, with half vinegar and half Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, add mixed herbs, salt and pepper to taste
  • Sweetener (ASPARTAME FREE- e.g. Suki, Stevia, Equisweet Green, Canderel Green or Yellow) can be used
  • Optional: add crushed fresh garlic and red chili