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Gentle Detox ProgramGentle Detox

Developed by Dr Arien – especially for you!


Are you feeling exhausted or sluggish, bloated, with hair and skin looking lifeless and dull, waist band just a little too tight? You could be in need of a simple, gentle, healthy 2 day detox – a weekend cleanse will work well to restore your wilting energy levels.

Stress, deadlines, late nights, irregular and/or unhealthy eating habits and too much alcohol, can overload the nervous system, liver, kidneys and digestive tract.

The live blood analysis (LBA) will identify system and organ distress and imbalance, and the detox plan, correct natural food supplements and personalised herbal drops, will help you feel on top of the world again!


This 2 day gentle detox with fresh, nutritious, cleansing and  energising food, high in brain, body, immune and heart boosting antioxidants and restorative gut bacteria, combined with well-deserved rest, while using the relaxation CD, will ensure you’re feeling refreshed and replenished once again.

In Preparation

  • Make the decision to invest in your health. Schedule an appointment for the LBA if you’re taking the in house option.
  • I recommended that you do the detox over a weekend or any 2 day period, when you’ll be able to clear your diary from work and social commitments. This time it’s your commitment to yourself and your own health and wellbeing.
  • Buy everything (including the herbal drops and food supplements) you’ll need, beforehand
  • Prepare the fruit compote and soup the day before you start
  • Drink 250ml (1 glass) of water for every 10kg in body weight, every day. Add some sliced cucumber, chopped apple, strawberry, fresh basil or mint leaves, a few slices of fresh lemon, or some chopped fresh ginger to support the detox and flushing effect. Select 2 or more of the options and keep a filled jug near you for a quick and easy refill.
  • Avoid fruit juice as the sugar content is too high. If you have to, limit it to one glass of fresh fruit juice (grapefruit or berry options are great detox choices) a day
  • Avoid coffee and normal tea for the 2 days. Replace with green tea, herbal or fruit extract tea (hibiscus in the blend is wonderful for flavour), adding some natural raw honey to taste if necessary.
  • Ensure that the yoghurt you buy contain live probiotics to restore your gut bacteria. If you don’t eat dairy, take a probiotic supplement (ask us which one is best)
  • Use freshly ground Himalayan salt (for all the trace minerals you need) and black pepper to flavour meals, and fresh herbs

The 2 Day Plan

Eat everything mindfully, using all your senses – look at the colours of the food, smell everything, taste the textures in your mouth, hear the crunch, chew slowly (digestion starts in the mouth), enjoy every bite, then swallow. This will increase your feeling of satisfaction and satiety.

Stretch fully: upon awakening, stretch out your whole body while still in bed. Once you’re up, do some yoga stretches and basic asanas

Relax purposefully: listen to all the tracks on your CD beforehand, then select one to listen to when you wake up, one for midday and one in the early evening, or just before going to bed. 

Move gently: go for a stroll early morning or late afternoon and get some sunshine on your skin (great for making vitamin D)


You’ll feel so good, you might just decide to follow the plan indefinitely!

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