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Dr Arien’s Healthy Living Tips

1. Drink water


Drink enough pure, clean water – 250ml for every 10kg body weight, every day.

2. Avoid toxins

Avoid toxins in food, water and in your environment – take a regular detox break

3. Eat the right fats

oilsEat the right fats – daily use of oils like coconut, extra virgin olive, pumpkin seed, grapeseed, macadamia, avocado, full cream yoghurt and milk (low fat or skim milk products go through toxic chemical processes, not good for you at all!) – after all, full cream makes you feel fuller for longer!

4. Eat fruit and vegetables

Eat plenty of raw fruit, raw or lightly cooked vegetables, including nuts and seeds.

5. Food supplements

To top up yourimages healthy eating plan, add the basic 3 food supplementsHeart-Brain-Body Support as antioxidant combination; as well as Calcium and Magnesium and Omega 3 Fatty Acids

6. Control insulin and blood sugar levels

With the epidemic of diabetes and metabolic syndrome plaguing the Western world, blood sugar and insulin have gotten their fair share of media attention. Blood sugar balance is a major principle of virtually every diet book from The Zone to The Atkins Diet. And with good reason: imbalanced blood sugar (glucose) levels are the root cause of many health issues, including being overweight, obesity, premature or accelerated ageing, and chronic inflammation. Click here for more information.

7. Exercise

ExerciseExercise every day, even if you only have 15 minutes! Click here for an easy interval training and strength training routine. If you need motivation and support click here for more information on our PlayFunFitness classes.

8. Sunlight

Get optimal sunlight exposure – 30 minutes early morning (within 1 hour of sunrise) and late afternoon (within 1 hour of sunset). Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. Click here for more information on Vitamin D.

9. Stress and relaxation

Stress Solutions CDDaily Stress Management and Relaxation: Rest vs Renewal – we are often so busy, we become overwhelmed and exhausted. Rest and relaxation are both important, yet by themselves, are not enough. For optimal, balanced health and wellbeing, we need regular renewal to restore body and mind. Rest is simply non-action, and includes sleeping well, watching TV (note: this can actually create anxiety and distress – e.g. watching a horror movie – so choose carefully!), or reading a book. Renewalis an activity that generates a feeling of peace and calm inside.This feeling leads to restoration and focus. Renewal can be achieved through daily meditation, affirmative prayer to a loving God/Source, listening to music, light exercise like a walk, or dancing to your favourite music, being in nature, or even petting a dog or cat. Next time you’re feeling exhausted, instead of being a coach potato, do your favourite renewal exercise for 10-15 minutes!

10. Address the emotional traumas and increase your health education

Stress SolutionsWe all have, locked inside our cellular memory, especially the trapped negative emotions that are often un- or non-conscious, but still drive our behaviour. The process of allowing/acknowledging, feeling/experiencing, releasing/letting go, will set you free. Biomagnetic healing techniques as safe and inexpensive option, may be helpful. Our online and inhouse Stress Solutions and Mind Solutions Courses address this aspect. Our ‘Optimise Your Health and Wellbeing in Only 12 Weeks!’ is a fully developed online course to help you improve your health in 12 weeks.


Relax Deeply, Love Fully, Renew Daily, Be Grateful, Have Fun!



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