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We are proud to announce that Dr Arien and Anri are official partners in the Weight Control Clinic from 1 June 2018 onwards.

We also opened a Weight Control Clinic Branch in Hermanus in May 2018. Please visit us at Arundel Medical Centre. Click here to contact us

What makes us different? Our Program:

  • Is research/scientific based with medical supervision for optimal results.
  • Makes use of natural, safe highly effective nutraceuticals & fat burners to boost your metabolism & encourage fat loss; for long term results.
  • Focuses on decreasing health risks for diabesity, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, osteoarthritis, depression, etc.
  • Provides ongoing support, motivation & advice, to ensure you stay on track, reach & maintain your goal weight.
  • Have helped patients lose fat successfully since 1974
  • No hormones & no stimulants!

Our program is also SMART:

  • Specific – LCHF: low carb, healthy fats (oils)
  • Measurable – comprehensive body composition analysis to measure progress – it’s not only about total body weight!
  • Achievable – fits into your lifestyle. Our many successful losers agree! Visit our Wall of Fame for testimonials.
  • Relevant – adjusted to ongoing science & research
  • Time bound – 8-12 weeks to transform your body

Our Weight Control Clinic Program is also available via Online, Email or Telephone Orders to Suit Your Need & Budget!

Weight Control Clinic Program

Weight Control Clinic Program

Available in-house or to order online!

Summer Bodies are Made in Winter

– Tailor-made Programs for Every Budget –

We do it best by now – > 40 years experience and successful weight loss history!



Lose fat, be healthier!

Written by Dr Arien van der Merwe, medical doctor, natural and ethno-medicine practitioner and author of the soon to be released book (NB Publishers) on diabetes and metabolic syndrome

Losing weight, especially fat weight, is not only about a better looking body, but more importantly, about managing the health risks that can pose a serious threat to your health and wellbeing!

Lifestyle changes that include healthier eating habits, regular physical activity, and losing as little as 5%-10% body fat, have shown phenomenal health benefits much more effective than any medication can ever be. Losing fat weight can prevent and even reverse existing diabetes; lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels; and improve sleep apnea and other sleep problems — along with helping you feel better about yourself. 90% of diabetes, 80% heart disease and 60% of cancers are preventable with healthier lifestyles and maintaining normal body weight.

‘We have seen a consistent pattern in our weight loss studies: when patients lose 5%-10% of their body weight, they lower blood pressure, reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol, improve glucose tolerance (insulin resistance), and in general, lower the risk for cardiovascular disease’, says Catherine Champagne, a researcher with Louisiana State University’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center.

Doctors consistently report that they successfully take patients off blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol lowering medications after the patients lost as little as 5kg’s of fat.

Losing even a little weight can be especially beneficial for people who store their excess weight around their abdomen (apple shape), rather than their hips (pear shape). Fat stored around the waist and in the liver, is more metabolically active, which makes it a high risk trigger for heart disease, but also easier to lose.

The Weight Control Clinic

  • Medically assisted and supervised for optimal results
  • Scientific & research based approach
  • 40 years’ successful weight loss history
  • Ongoing support & motivation
  • Natural, SAFE approach and products
  • Addressing insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, food addictions and emotional reasons for overweight, to enhance results
  • Comprehensive body composition analysis – it’s not only about total body weight!
  • Health risk blood tests and personalised report immediately available
  • WCC Program now also available Online, Email or Telephone Orders

Feedback from successful Weight Control Clinic Clients 2014:

Click here for Afrikaans Feedback

Click here for English Feedback

The Weight Control Clinic Programs and Packages were formulated by a medical doctor to support optimal fat loss.

All our program packages will provide you with our secret weapon: the all natural, safe herbal remedies and nutriceutical food supplements to support your efforts. However, you do have to make a sincere commitment and take self responsibility for your own fat loss, health and wellbeing. 

Special Offers Click here for more information

In-House Program Click here for more information 

Online Program Click here for more information

The 5 Steps for the In-House & Online Programs:

  • Step 1: The Start Up & Follow Up diet/eating plan
    • Week one of the Weight Control Clinic (WCC) Program to detox and giving the pancreas a well deserved break
    • Week two and onwards of the WCC Program where we emphasise (since 1974!) healthy fat and oils, protein, with restored insulin balance and sensitivity, to support your weight loss effort
  • Step 2: Our Secret Weapon – the all natural SAFE food supplements and herbal remedies.
  • Step 3: Mind Solutions for Sustainable Weight Release.

    • Mind Solutions Course available to address emotional reasons for eating and food addictions
  • Step 4: Exercise Routines for Fat Loss, Weight Release and Youthful Living – Interval & Strength training.
  • Step 5: Maintenance – to ensure that your new weight becomes your body’s new set point weight. This will prevent the weight from piling on again. 

For optimal results combine Detox with Weight Control and Exercise aimed at fat loss (please discuss details with us).

Disclaimer: In a sincere effort to support people everywhere in their journey to the natural human state of health and happiness, Dr Arien endeavours to the best of her abilities, training and experience, to only choose well researched and safe herbal remedies and nutriceuticals to support the body’s natural physiology and functioning. Specific recommendations are made either during personal consultation, or email consultation, based on completion of a very specific questionnaire to assess health and stress status, nutrition, exercise, medical history, recent blood chemistry and prescription drugs currently in use, to determine possible interactions and correct tapering of medication if requested. It is therefore every individual’s responsibility to learn about their own health and wellbeing, in order to choose whether they prefer a more natural path to health and wellbeing. Health is not only about taking natural remedies, or prescription drugs for that matter, but also considering the deeper causal issues of trapped emotions, mental and spiritual wellbeing, while taking appropriate measures to live a balanced lifestyle.

Special Offers

Weight Control Clinic Special Offers*

Packages to Suit Your Need & Budget: In-House & Online

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Click here for our ‘Lose 2 Win’ Competition Wall of Fame to see our losers.
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All our products are 100% natural, with little to no side effects, for optimal long term results. Losing weight, specifically fat weight, lowers your risk for multiple chronic lifestyle diseases (heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, hypertension, cancer etc), therefore rather see losing the fat as improving your health .



Our ‘Lose2Win’ is a great motivator to help you get back on track on your fat loss journey. Win big and become part of our Wall of Fame (if they can do it, so can you)! You’ve got nothing to lose, except fat of course! Let us help you reach your health goals. Click here to find out when our next competition will be.


We are proud to launch the brand new, improved, highly specialised and edited version of our healthy eating plan (low carb, healthy oils) for fat loss, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.
This booklet is now available in-house or online for your convenience. For the first time ever we are selling our effective eating plan separately, for those of you who would like to eat healthier. Click here to get your online guide, including two email consultations with our Health & Fitness Scientist (SAVE R100). You are more than welcome to visit us at our offices.
To support you in your weight/fat loss efforts and more importantly to improve your health and wellbeing, we are giving substantial discounts/specials on our Fat Loss Packages for your long term benefit (if paid in advance):

Fat Loss Packages:

All our packages are adjustable to your need and budget.

Do you need to lose weight urgently? Are you feeling disgusted with yourself?

Do you have little or no energy? 

Or do you just want to shed a few kilo’s to look great in your swimsuit?

Whatever your reason, we have a plan for you! Look at our buffet of options and contact us if you need any assistance.  


  • Online Student Fat Loss Package Read more 
  • Online Standard Fat Loss Package Read more

IN-HOUSE FAT LOSS PACKAGES (booking essential)

  • 1 Month Student Fat Loss Package (SAVE >15%). Read more
  • 1 Month Standard Fat Loss Package (SAVE 20% compared to buying items separately). Read more
  • 2 Month/10 Week Rapid Fat Loss Package (SAVE R1000). Read more
  • 3 Month Fat Loss Package (SAVE R1400 compared to 1 Month Package). Read more
  • 4 Month Fat Loss Package (SAVE R1700 compared to 1 Month Package). Read more

*T’s & C’s apply:

  • The Package includes the following per month for 1,2, 3 or 4 months: 
  • (1-, 2-, 3- and 4- Month Packages have to be paid in advance. Payment is non-refundable)
    • Appetrol, Fat loss drops, Heart Brain Body Support & Antioxidant (worth R1300)
    • 4x Fat loss injections (or fat loss drops), weigh-in and support from our highly qualified health and fitness consultant (worth R1800). For the two month package only, you get an additional 2 injections (therefore, 10 injections instead of 8 injections)
    • InBody assessment (each worth R350)
  • Products/services are non-exchangeable and non-refundable 
  • Packages are only valid for a period of 6 weeks for the 1 Month Package, 12 weeks for the 2 Month Package, 18 weeks for the 3 Month Package and 24 weeks for the 4 Month Package. This is to accommodate holiday breaks and possible sick leave, within reason.
  • Full responsibility remains with the client/patient who makes the decision to use the products as prescribed, follow the program and recommendations for optimal results.
  • Allergic reactions and/or sensitivities to product ingredients are highly unlikely. 

Bridal Fat Loss Packages:

Did you get engaged recently? Is your big day around the corner?

Do you want to rock that dress?

Allow us at the Weight Control Clinic (successful natural fat loss since 1974) to help you fit your dress perfectly and to take one thing off your shoulders. Get in shape for your big day. Now is the time!

As bride, you will receive a further 10% discount if two or more people from your bridal party join you.  


  • Online Bridal Fat Loss Package Read more 
  • Online Deluxe Bridal Fat Loss Package Read more

IN-HOUSE BRIDAL PACKAGES (booking essential)

  • 2 Month/ 10 Week Bridal Rapid fat loss package Read more 
  • 2 Month/ 10 Week Deluxe Bridal Rapid Fat Loss Package Read more
 For more options or to buy items separately click here to check out our Health Shop

My Fabulous Fat Loss Journey 1: One week in heaven or hell? You choose…

My Fabulous Fat Loss Journey 1: One week in heaven or hell? You choose…

Your mind is a powerful thing

Written by Anri van Rooyen

I am the Health & Fitness Scientist and co-owner of The Weight Control Clinic. I am also a qualified Holistic Counsellor. Read more here I have decided to share my fat loss journey to help our current and prospective patients on a more personal level. I will be completely honest, as I also advise my patients to be. Honesty is the best policy. I cannot help you, or myself in this case, if I am lying.

Our Weight Control Clinic program encourages healthy natural fat loss. Healthy eating and incorporating easy, effective, fun 15 minute exercises into your life. We encourage a lifestyle change. This is what our program is all about, helping you change your lifestyle. There is no quick fix, and if someone says otherwise, they are lying to you! With our ongoing support & motivation and many ideas, you cannot go wrong. I share some below.

The Reason

The last time I was on our program was in July 2012. I maintained my fat loss for many years. After my wedding in December 2016 and lack of motivation, high stress levels and lacking a goal, it is time for me to embark on this journey again. I started again with our effective Weight Control Clinic Program on 21 May 2018. My main reason for starting again: after getting married in December 2016, I have gained 5kg of fat weight. Please note: I am talking about fat weight for a reason. I don’t care and never will about your total weight! Total weight does not mean anything, it is crucial to determine body composition (fat, muscle, water, protein and mineral content). Our goal at The Weight Control Clinic is to focus on fat loss and muscle gain as a tool to measure progress and more importantly to manage your health risks. We do this by using an extremely accurate device (known as the InBody).

Sharing my journey

I added an extra motivator for myself, this helps a lot, you need to know why you started and keep that in mind every time you feel like giving up. Yes, it is hard! I have already faced some challenges and this is week one (I will share them below). My extra motivator: sharing my fat loss journey with the world and supporting our patients through this challenge. This has helped me stay on track most of the time.

It is difficult, but in the end it will be worth it. Take a look at our Wall of Fame. If they and I can do it, so can you and I. 😛 

With no further ado, let’s start at the beginning:

Intermittent Fasting 101

Week 1 of my fat loss journey was more challenging than I thought. I did intermittent fasting (IF) as it has been proven to increase fat loss and I find it very easy as I have never been hungry early in the morning. Yes, I know what you are thinking: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Correct! I am just choosing to have breakfast at 10h00. So IF, is not about skipping meals, it is about eating for a specific period of time. I choose 8 hours of eating and 16 hours of fasting most days of the week. Our EatSMART Guide includes our healthy eating plan, practical tips and tricks to assist you.

The Food and The FunFitness

In short: I am following our EatSMART Guide with our highly effective nutraceuticals to increase fat burning. I am also following my FitSMART Guide (I developed it with our EatSMART Guide for optimal results). Start slowly by at least doing 3x exercise sessions for Week 1 and working your way up gradually to 5 or 6 days a week. Click here for My Fabulous Food and here for My Fabulous FunFitness to see what I ate and what exercise I did in detail.

The Body Composition Changes

Generally on our program, we do the body composition changes once a month, for my fat loss journey, I decided to do it once a week. My first InBody was on Friday, 18 May. That weekend I drank a lot because I knew I wouldn’t for a while (I’m just being honest :P). My second InBody was a week later. Therefore, 5 days on the program. My fat decreased by 400g, even after only 5 days on the program. my fat decreased by another 400g after week 2, have a look to see what is happening with my InBody findings.

My Fat Loss Struggles & Solutions

I think I experienced all the challenges in week one. 😊 I think the reason is, so that I can help all of you find solutions with your specific struggles. In week 1, I struggled to drink enough water, I ended up being so busy that I skipped meals and with all the stress I struggled to sleep. I don’t know if it is due to Winter, but my cravings were also really bad. I am a social butterfly and I love socializing with friends. Alcohol is generally a big issue for me, my weakness if I can call it that. Click here to see my solutions to all my challenges I am facing on our program. As you can see there are always solutions, you just need to find them. You can also visit us for support and motivation, we love finding solutions!

Some Helpful Notes

  • Don’t think you’re on a diet. If I do this, I want to eat all the wrong things. You are on a healthy lifestyle plan! Therefore, consistency is crucial.
  • Choose healthy, raw ingredients. Stay away from tins and processed foods
  • Try to do what you can, stay consistent. Just keep going and make the right choices.
  • Preparation is key! I ran out of eggs… Make sure you don’t run out by buying enough food for the week. This will help you stay on track.
  • Don’t forget that everybody struggles. It is an adaptation. It is difficult, I know you will be struggling with similar things, we are all human. I want to help you find solutions, to make it easier for you. As soon as it becomes a habit, it will be so much easier! You can do this!!!
  • It is challenging to get your mind wrapped around it. Your mind is a powerful thing. Now make it work for you, not against you.

I hope this helps you with your fat loss journey as well. Please comment below if you have any thoughts or inquiries. 

Yours in health & wellbeing,

Anri xxx

My Fabulous Fat Loss Journey 2: Wine Not?

My Fabulous Fat Loss Journey 2: Wine Not?

The Wine and Dine Disaster

Written by Anri van Rooyen

Fat Loss Journey Wine notI am now past my 3 week mark with ‘My Fabulous Fat Loss Journey’, click here for my first entry. So far so good, I am standing at 1.6kg of fat loss in less than 3 weeks, check out my body composition changes.

Oops, I had to much wine this past week…

I thought I experienced all the challenges in week one, but I was wrong. It got way worse. This past week, the wine was a huge challenge (to say the least). I visited a friend on Thursday (Day 18) and had 3 glasses of red wine, I felt it hard on Friday (Day 19). Then on the Saturday (Day 20), I had 3 glasses of sparkling wine (at a baby shower I might add) and 3-4 glasses of red wine that night (impromptu girls night, we haven’t had a girls night in ages, so we went all night – thinking we were still at University ;P).

I wasn’t joking when I said I love wine! The problem is I have a high tolerance for it as well. On Sunday I felt extremely hung over to say the least, or should I rather say I was seriously infected by wine flu? Worst part was I wanted to eat everything. And this is the biggest problem with alcohol, not only the empty calories you are consuming when you have it, but the intense cravings you experience the next day. I was craving Steers badly…but I conquered the war and ended up settling for ½ a Club Sandwich from Woolworths. Not too shabby, 100 times better than fast food, a healthy brown bread sandwich!Wine flu

Recently, I have not been drinking so often, making the hangovers even worse. This is not a bad thing! After Saturday, I am not drinking those copious amounts of alcohol anytime soon. So there is a blessing in disguise, even if it was a very terrible wine flu… This week the emotional eating, or rather drinking in my case, came into play. I am working through our Mind Solutions Course to help me find my triggers and work through sabotaging myself. From the course: ‘I, Anri, agree to act like my own best friend. If I think unkind or mean thoughts about myself, I promise to stop and ask myself: ‘Would I say that to my best friend?’ Remember for me it is wine, for you it might be a food addiction…

Click here to see my solutions to all the challenges I am facing on our program. As you will see, there are always solutions, you just need to find them. You can also visit us for support and motivation, we love to help you find solutions!

Revolutionary Recipe

You’ve got to try this one, it is mind blowing: Cauliflower Grilled Cheese Sandwich. This is an excellent carb alternative to a grilled cheese sandwich. Your protein for this meal is definitely the cheese. Do not have cheese for the rest of the day… I made this on Friday (Day 12). Click here for My Fabulous Food to see what I ate daily…

The Fat Loss Journey, The Change

In short: I am following our EatSMART Guide with our highly effective nutraceuticals to increase fat burning. I am also following my FitSMART Guide (I developed it with our EatSMART Guide for optimal results). Start slowly by at least doing 3x exercise sessions for Week 1 and working your way up gradually to 5 or 6 days a week. Luckily, the workouts are a habit for me after 3 weeks. I feel great and already toned. I am performing 7 minutes (app) 4-5 times a week and doing 4-5 FitSMART Workouts per week. Click here for My Fabulous FunFitness to see what exercise I did in detail.

What is your poison? Is it alcohol, carbs, sweets, cakes or all of the above? Let us help you manage them with our Mind Solutions course.

Let me know what you think

Anri xxx



Mind Solutions Course

Mind Solutions Course for Sustainable Weight Release

This course addresses the emotional reasons for overweight as well as food addictions. It helps you identify and deal with the deeper mental-emotional, subconscious saboteurs that thwart your best efforts at releasing weight permanently.

Do you go on diets, lose weight with extreme willpower and effort, only to pile it on again, after 3-12 months? If you’re like most people, you’re sick and tired of battling with your weight.  You are hoping that THIS TIME you will FINALLY be able to drop the excess weight once and for all. It’s impossible to get rid of, or rather release, the excess weight doing the SAME THINGS you did the LAST TIME AND THE MANY TIMES BEFORE THAT – unless you do something DIFFERENT. You’re not alone!

Did you know…..80 million Americans, 6 million Australians and 19 million people in the United Kingdom go on some type of diet EVERY YEAR! 60% will give up within 30 days or less, and the rest will give up within 60-90 days. 97% of all these people will regain or put on MORE WEIGHT than they STARTED WITH within 12 months.

You know the drill. You go on a diet, exercise, cut down the foods that you enjoy, lose weight and then even before you’re done with celebrating the weight loss, it’s all back!  Another diet failure….. What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you just stay on a diet, lose the weight and keep it off?  Is it because you’re weak and lack willpower and self-discipline? NO! Stop beating yourself up! We all have a conscious and a subconscious mind. If we don’t address the subconscious mind, the willpower of the conscious mind, will never be strong enough to maintain your fat loss and weight release efforts.

Dr Arien’s Mind Solutions might just be the course you need! It will help you make your own subconscious emotional saboteurs conscious, so that they can be released forever. The course will help you become aware and manage food addictions, reasons for behaviour and eating, and also teach you ways to effectively manage the daily stresses and strains around food and other health challenges.

The Mind Solutions Course is about identifying the deeper mental-emotional, subconscious saboteurs that thwart your best efforts at releasing weight permanently. The course occurs over 6 sessions of about 1 hour each, done in 2 hour sessions), where each participant discovers her own reasons for over eating, or desire for the wrong foods. We look at food addictions, emotional reasons for eating, toxic food, toxic relationships, stressful situations, how to re-program all these erroneous beliefs, to ultimately keep  your commitment to yourself to help your body return to its natural state of balanced health and wellbeing (homeostasis) – after all, our bodies want to be healthy and full of energy!

There are assignments given at each session, to help you practically work with your own issues and challenges, we come together during each session, as a supportive group where we share our experiences and insights in a safe space, and together, we finally come to a place of inner knowing, release and self acceptance. This is how we finally break free from the old subconscious brain patterns that keep us stuck in a vicious circle of restrictive dieting, losing weight up to a point, and finally putting it all back on again, and more! Join us on this journey of self exploration, sharing with others who understand the challenges, to laugh, learn, share and grow together!

Feedback from previous course participants:

CB: I learned something precious during the sessions that dealt with every day, ordinary objects. They seemingly have value and are observed by our subconscious mind even if our intellect deemed them unimportant.This knowledge could be put to use to become more in touch with myself, more aware of what was happening deep inside my heart. I went home determined to make use of my newly found knowledge. Out of the garage came a plastic bag full of pebbles I had picked up on the beach during a previous holiday. At the time I had chosen each pebble for the beauty I saw in it, regardless of its size. I was looking for smoothness and a kind of symmetry in each. I unpacked them on a glass plate, randomly, as they came out of the bag. Before my eyes a picture of amazing beauty just happened. It took my breath away! The plate of pebbles, in shades of grey, now beautifies my bedroom. Looking at them gives me pure joy and they speak to me of tranquillity and peace. My life has been enriched. Thank you.

ZL: I worked very hard on Tuesday, felt frustrated, tired and irritated. Once home, I wanted to eat something sweet. Because of the processes covered in the course, I realised I was looking for relief from the hard work, as well as compensation for all the hard work. This helped me conquer the urge for sweetness and I ate a handful of almonds instead. The feeling completely subsided!

MA: I appreciate this course, because it feels really good to share with others, knowing I’m not the only one with struggles around food and emotions. The practical exercises also help me to focus.

‘Lose2Win’ Competition Wall of Fame

Lose2Win Competition Wall of Fame

Let our ‘losers’ prove to you that it is possible to shed the fat once and for all! If they can do it so can you!

Our Weight Control Clinic Program is available online and in-house at our offices (for your convenience)

A massive round of applause to our 7th round of ‘Lose 2 Win’ Competition Winners! Your results are amazing, well done!

All of  us hear stories about people who lose a lot of weight in 3 months, but these winners proved that it is possible…it also changed their lives!

Just look at them! We’re so proud of all our Lose2Winners! 

Click here to enroll in our new competition

Click here for more info and find out about our special packages to support your best efforts. 

Click here to see before and after photos and testimonials from our past rounds of ‘Lose2Winners’

7th Competition Date: February – May 2018

Christine Naude is the winner of our 7th ‘Lose 2 Win’ Fat Loss Competition – WOW! Well done! You are a star! 

‘I went to The Weight Control Clinic to help me lose weight and become healthy. From the first day, I knew that this program was not merely a diet but really a long-term lifestyle change. 

The weekly visits with Anri are always fun and informative. She gives great advice on obstacles in your way and she is always eager to help. Anri’s FitSMART Guide is easy to understand and can be done in just 15 minutes. 

For those like me, who have a busy schedule, she also creates yummy foods that can be frozen and reheated on the go. Her FitFood Ready-Made Meals are lifesavers for busy days or when life just happens. 

With Dr Arien, it is a comfort to know she is a Medical Doctor who puts her patients’ health above all else and offers great holistic medicine for any ailments you may have. Doing the Mind Solutions course with Dr Arien makes you think about your relationship with food and emotional triggers. 

At the Weight Control Clinic, they not only help you lose weight, but help you plan long term on how to keep it off as well. It’s no help losing over 20 kg (of which 17 kg is fat loss) and then just picking it up again as soon as real life happens. The Weight Control Clinic program offers guidance in all aspects of a lifestyle change. 

I am motivated to keep working hard to become the best version of myself that I can be – a woman that I am proud of and eager to meet.’

Susanna Huyser is the second prize winner of our 7th ‘Lose 2 Win’ Fat Loss Competition – Whoop Whoop. Excellent Job!

‘Thank you so much for your support over this 11 kg journey. I feel free – more liberated in my food choices than in the past. I perceive this program to be sustainable in my life going forward. Your support has been gentle, friendly and positive- thank you!’

Janet Cooper is the third prize winner of our 7th ‘Lose 2 Win’ Fat Loss Competition – AMAZING! Well done! We are super proud of you! 

‘I started with Anri before I left on holiday.  To date I have lost nearly 12.8 kg. Every week I am on the program, I can’t believe how it has become such a huge part of my life.  My brain still can’t get over the fact that every week I loose even though I eat a lot of food and don’t get hungry. I have loved the personal attention and definitely think the weigh-in support are critical for my success.  

I have learned not to focus on weight but total body measurements like fat weight etc.

You have changed my world and continue to do so. The Weight Control Clinic also has a maintenance program, to ensure you don’t pick up the weight you’ve lost. I can’t ‘weight’ to go on maintenance…’

6th Competition Date: September – December 2017

Louise Pretorius is the winner of our 6th ‘Lose 2 Win’ Fat Loss Competition – WOW! Well done! You are a star! 

‘My name is Louise Pretorius. I started The Weight Control Clinic in August 2016 hoping to learn how to eat healthier and lose some unwanted kilograms. What I received from the Weight Control Clinic under expert guidance of Dr Arien van der Merwe, Anri and Nikita was much more than just losing 13kg. I received the unwavering support and the knowledge of what to eat and how food effects the body and mind. The Weight Control Clinic is not just a weight loss program, it is a way of life.

I cannot say enough how the Weight Control Clinic helped, supported and motivated me in this journey, every single week. I would recommend the Weight Control Clinic to anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle.

For the next 6 months, I will be making sure I attend my visit once a month (this forms part of the maintenance program) to ensure that I maintain my weight loss and stick to the program most of the time. Many thanks for your support and I will gladly refer anybody to you with a happy heart.’

‘I will recommend Anri, and her awesome way of doing things, to anyone wanting to lose weight and obtain overall health. She helped me (during a very difficult time – December 2016) lose 5.3 kg of total body weight, more importantly of which 5.1kg was fat loss.

It is very clear from that she knows exactly what she is doing and that she can help anyone reach their goal. My goal was to lose fat and no muscle and that is exactly what happened: I did’t lose any muscle mass and mostly FAT.

The awesome thing about Anri is that she is human and understands that you are human as well. She helps you to overcome your specific issues and challenges. Thank you Anri for all your effort, patience, advice and absolute passion for your work and your patients.’ – Jaicee Bam

‘I am 34 years old. I came to the clinic after I realised my health was going downhill fast. I was having serious mood swings daily. I was suffering from fatigue no matter how much I slept. I had acne all over my skin and this in turn was causing confidence issues. And then on top of this, there was the weight issue – weighing more than ever had – 81.4kg. I was diagnosed with PCOS before my first child was born and I knew it was the cause of all the symptoms I was experiencing. I started the program in Aug 2016 with little faith. I was surprised at how easy the program was to follow and on top of that I suddenly learned how to cook with real food and it tasted great too! Even my boys and hubby likes the food I make. Anri prescribed an exercise program for me that was easy for me to follow and stick to (as I don’t like exercising). I lost 9kg until December 2016 and still going strong. I plan on reaching my goal weight by October 2017 in time for my Birthday. The fat loss has already improved the PCOS symptoms, I can actually see and feel the difference! Thanks, Anri for helping me become a happier person, looking and feeling great!’ 

5th competition Date: June – September 2016

We would like to congratulate our top 3 winners of our 5th Lose 2 Win Competition on their exceptional results! They are great examples of the self responsibility and hard work it takes to reach your goal. Their journey was definitely not easy, but we believe all the hard work paid off. Well done to all three of you! We are so proud on all our winners and we are honoured to have walked this journey with you!  

Janco Kruger is the winner of our 5th ‘Lose 2 Win’ Fat Loss Competition – WOW! Well done! You are a star! 

‘Up until July 2016, I haven’t been very happy with my weight. I decided to take on the program offered by the Weight Control Clinic to fix that. The goal that I had set for myself was a body transformation, and the friendliness and support of the team motivated me to achieve this goal. The combination of the meal plan and exercise routine has left me feeling satisfied, and it has increased my energy. The changes that my body has undergone during the first half of the program really excite me, and I cannot wait to see how the rest of the program will go. I cannot thank the Weight Control Clinic Team enough for their help and support during the program.‘  

Tanya Nolan came 2nd in our 5th ‘Lose 2 Win’ Fat Loss Competition. Amazing! She lost 10.1kg, with 8.3kg being fat loss.

‘When I started with this program I was very skeptical as I have tried everything and never succeeded or ever reached my goals. I am happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised by my results but apart from achieving my goal, this program has also made me realise that I am capable of so much more than I ever thought was possible. Thank you to Anri and her team for all the support and motivation, I couldn’t have done it without you.’   

Amanda Potgieter lost a whopping 13.3 kg and 6.6 kg of fat, she was 3rd in our 5th ‘Lose 2 Win’ Fat Loss Competition. Well done on this amazing achievement!

‘When I first came to Dr Arien my reason for losing the weight, was to be comfortable in my body. To wear what I want and not what I have to. Clothes to fit my taste, not my figure… For my own health and self-confidence and to be in the body I was created to have and enjoy. This program helped me to reach my goal and motivated me to go further to my second goal, which I never even realised could be possible! I never felt like I was deprived of anything or that I had to make any “sacrifices”, I only needed to make healthy and smarter choices which Anri helped me with. There is NO “cheat-meal” that I can enjoy, which can make up for the joy and happiness when that old pair of small jeans fits again!! A cheat-meal can only satisfy you for a few minutes…while the feeling of losing weight, hearing the constant compliments from people around you and reaching you dream goal, lasts for days and months to come….Thank you again! It’s worth every penny so far!’

Position Name              Total Weight Loss Total Fat Loss
First J Kruger 11.7 kg 11.5 kg
Second  T Nolan 10.1 kg 8.3 kg
Third A Antonites 13.3 kg 6.6 kg
    35.1 kg  26.4 kg

4th Competition Date: January/February – May 2016

Lynette is a shining example of the commitment it takes to improve your health. Her current weight loss (June 2016) is 20.5 kg and 16.1 kg fat loss. Her results are truly amazing, showing us that when you put your mind to it, you can change your lifestyle. Well done on your amazing results! We are so proud of you and so glad we could share the journey with you!

‘During January 2016 I approached The Weight Control Clinic to assist me to achieve my goal to lose 20kg. They provided me with advice, treatment, continuous motivation and support to enable me to achieve this goal. I followed an exciting training program and went for weekly checkups to confirm results, receive treatment and advice on a deliciously, healthy low GI eating plan.  I feel so much healthier, more energetic and most of all, I feel comfortable in my own skin again.  I am now motivated to lose an additional 10 kg to achieve my final target weight. I am looking forward to complete this journey with the Weight Control Clinic by my side. My personal final goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle while having fun.’ – Our winner

Position Name              Total Weight Loss Total Fat Loss
First L Jansen van Rensburg 17.6 kg 13.1 kg
Second  C Salton 6.2 kg 4.8 kg
Third A Antonites 7 kg 3.5 kg
    30.8 kg  21.4 kg

3rd Competition Date: September – December 2015

Lientjie J v Rensburg 2Sincerest congratulations to Lientjie for her amazing results, she lost even more fat since the competition! She lost 20.3 kg total weight and 21.7 kg fat weight on our Weight Control Clinic program. What an amazing achievement! As Lientjie herself says: ‘the results are so much better if you exercise while on the program, so all patients should definitely do both for optimal results.’ This is a scientific fact! This amount of fat loss is only possible if you exercise while eating healthy. It is important that you do exercise that you enjoy (she totally agrees).

Position Name              Total Weight Loss Total Fat Loss
First L Janse van Rensburg 12 kg 12.6 kg
Second  N Cilo 18.1 kg 10.8 kg
Third K Barzeva 10.6 kg 8.3 kg
    40.7 kg 31.7 kg

2nd Competition Date: February – May 2015

Position Name              Total Weight Loss Total Fat Loss
First D van Schalkwyk 21.7 kg 18.7 kg
Second  G Mattheyse 20.6 kg – kg
Third L Labuschagne 13.5 kg 10.1 kg
    55.8 kg > 28.8 kg

1st Competition Date: September – December 2014

Position Name              Total Weight Loss Total Fat Loss
First S Giesecke 20.6 kg 10.6 kg
Second  Y Prinsloo 19.4 kg 9.9 kg
Third L Lotz 11.4 kg 8.6 kg
    51.4 kg 29.1 kg