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Workplace Wellness : Longevity, Preparing for Wisdom Years

Longevity and rejuvenation: Our birthright!

Written by Dr Arien van der Merwe MBChB FRSPH MISMA

Medical doctor and author specialising in holistic, integrative medicine, stress management and workplace wellness.

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Workplace bannerThe wellness needs of mature employees, from age 50 to infinitum, is where the current and future focus of companies is and will be – how to deal with an ageing workforce who, with health and wellness guidance, will be quite able to work well into their 70’s and even 80’s, with the correct preparation for their wisdom years. Companies will be wise to utilise the cumulative years of expertise, knowledge and wisdom that can support a succession planning protocol for any company. Nearly 20% of the work force will be age 50 or older at any given time, with most of these planning and able, to work well into their very senior years. Business leaders are already scrambling to develop strategies for dealing with the impact of an ageing workforce. It’s about time to consider ways to improve longevity and positive ageing, through lifestyle factors and re-activating the DNA telomerase enzyme deep within our cells!

There’s very good news for all baby boomers! Those born between 1946 en 1966 forms the group of human beings responsible for the shifting of most boundaries, because of our questioning of old beliefs, behaviours and ways of doing things. Baby boomers have been discovering many new ways. The IT industry for instance, was originally founded and developed by baby boomers. Science and research, especially in the area of health, antiageing (preferably called longevity!) and chronic diseases, have shown tremendous growth over the past decades. This was all initiated by baby boomers refusing to accept that the old ways of ageing and associated development of disease were inevitable.

Modern quantum science and physiology prove that our natural age is a healthy and happy 120 years – 200 is not even that far fetched any longer! Our DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), the genetic material in the nuclei of all our cells can do it. The so called 97% ‘junk’ DNA arrogantly named by old science years ago, is definitely not that at all, but the driver for the 3% science could pick up with their limited tools and technology available, as being functional at the time of discovery. Nowadays, with more sophisticated quantum physics based access to equipment finely tuned and able to explore energy frequencies and vibrations, unheard of until very recently, DNA has been identified as a receiver and transmitter of light and information. Photons are the subatomic particles of light modern science are working with at present.

This is where epigenetics becomes prominent and essential as part of the program. Dr Arien’s Timeless DNATM program has been developed to address the core components of DNA activation and optimising of cellular function: from the purely physiological activation of the telomerase enzyme deep within each cell’s nucleus and cytoplasm, through reprogramming of the original healthy cells’ code and cell-to-cell communication in the whole body-mind unit, to the ultimate understanding that it all starts within our own minds. We have to change the way we think, change our old, worn out beliefs and renew our commitment to ourselves to remain healthy in body, mind and spirit. Each of our individual, physical bodies really wants to be healthy. We often forget that our natural state is optimal health and wellbeing!

Epigenetic direct environment – all of which is in our control to manage and optimise:

  • Water – the interior of each cell is water
  • Oxygen: Breathing – if we breathe properly, cells get more oxygen for energy and cell function)
  • Nutrients, micronutrients(food as medicine) – the healthy, super foods we eat or drink, provides fuel and support for all optimal cell functions
  • Hormones, communication (ligand or primary messenger, informational substances – IS)
  • Thoughts, emotions: vibration of molecules of emotion – the mental-emotional and spiritual aspects of health
  • The cell membrane is therefore the true brain of the cell (black frame below, enlarged in 2nd illustration)
  • Our epigenetic environment is the area of hope and control of our own health, wellbeing and DNA expression! We are not the victims of our genes!
Cross section through a typical cell

Cross section through a typical cell


Cell membrane section enlarged with cytoplasm interior of cell and section of nucleus with DNA

Cell membrane section enlarged with cytoplasm interior of cell and section of nucleus with DNA

The emerging field of epigenetics (epi = above) is showing us that the cell membrane and its receptor binding sites, supersede the genetic code and can restore cell function, even genetic in origin. The environment of the cell is ultimately responsible for the efficacy of cell function through selective binding to receptors. The cell environment includes nutrients, oxygen, water, the vibrations of thoughts and emotions via the molecules of emotion (peptides or informational substances), and ultimately our sense of spiritual connection to our Source or Inner Being, to encourage a higher vibration of molecules binding to receptors on cell membranes. Understanding this, will help us know that we’re not helpless victims of our genetic heritage, but powerful human beings who can take charge of our own health and wellbeing, by changing the environment of the cell, to ensure correct and effective messages enter through the cell membrane, right into the nucleus and DNA, where transcription for protein synthesis, and ultimately cell functions, take place.

Telomerase: Some background to understand what telomeres are and what the enzyme telomerase does:

The DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid molecule) is coiled up as chromosomes (ref. image) inside cell nucleus and contains the genetic code of all organisms. DNA informs cells which proteins to make. These proteins determine cell differentiation and every one of millions of cell functions. We inherit a combination of DNA from each parent, going back to generations of our ancestors, even sharing DNA of the entire human race.



The telomeres are short, repeated sequences of DNA and proteins at the end of chromosomes as illustrated in the image, where the ends are showing as light. This looped structure prevents the ends of the chromosomes becoming eroded by enzymes present in every cell nucleus.  Telomeres also prevent enzymes from joining two chromosomes together, an important role in cellular aging. As cells replicate and age, the telomeres steadily shrink. Then, once they reach a certain length, the cell stops dividing and dies. The enzyme that prevents this from happening, is called telomerase. The telomerase enzyme shows declined activity with age. The answer is to improve its activity to prevent the shortening of telomeres at the end of the chromosomes (coiled multidimensional spiral clumps of DNA). The secret to longevity is to slow down, even stop the deterioration of telomeres. We are able to RESET OUR BIOLOGICAL CLOCK!

Telomerase: the key to longevity

Telomerase is optimally active in foetal tissues and adult stem cells, and abnormally active in tumour cells. It demonstrates very low activity in somatic (body) cells as we grow older. Once telomerase is activated to function optimally in body cells, they continue to grow and divide normally. This forms the basis for the immortal cell theory, becoming more and more important in two areas of research: ageing and cancer.

Our task as alert and awake human beings in this time period of our own evolution:

Cell rejuvenation through activation of telomerase.

This is the main purpose of Dr Arien’s Timeless DNATM Program: Serum, Heart-Brain-Body Support and the Youthful Living process to release trapped emotions. The Serum contains telomerase activating herbs, infused in South African oils, to renew collagen and encourage skin plumping through gentle smoothing of wrinkles and sagging skin, by penetrating deep into the cell’s DNA. The Heart-Brain-Body Support contains specific herbs, bioflavonoids and many other micronutrients to promote longevity through cellular support and activation of DNA-telomerase.

Insulin Resistance: An important cause of premature or accelerated ageing and many chronic diseases or health challenges  

At the Weight Control Clinic we focus on addressing insulin resistance (cell receptors in muscle and fat cells becoming less sensitive to insulin) as well as other aspects of metabolic syndrome. We also incorporate Mind Solutions to identify underlying emotional reasons for eating and food addictions, as well as the CoaxMED Medical Device to target problem fat areas, cellulite as well as wrinkles and sagging skin.

Metabolic syndrome: a common health challenge in men and women over 40

  • Increased waist circumference: Population and country specific cut-off points to be used
  • Increased triglycerides and LDL-cholesterol
  • Reduced HDL cholesterol
  • Elevated blood pressure (or antihypertensive drugs used)
  • Increased fasting glucose or insulin resistance


Diagram illustrating the side effects of increased insulin levels and insulin resistance. 



Longevity is our birthright and it is within our power and capability to manifest and live this life to its fullest, as the gift and privilege it is!

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