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Wellness tips during and after the holidays 

  • Empty your inner thoughts and feelings in your journal – dreams, emotions, joys and regrets
  • Envision and feel your dreams and daydreams – it is the symbols from within your soul. Spend time thinking about recent events and happenings. Set your goals: short, medium and long term.
  • Enjoy ‘me’ time every day – we are human beings and not human doings!
  • Enjoy eating healthy foods, exercise regularly, use the right herbs and supplements, burn relaxing aromatherapy oils
  • Create special time for stress management and relaxation
  • Suggestions for cravings: Uncontrollable urges for sweet things can imply deficiencies of chromium, vanadium and molybdenum  – use as part of your daily antioxidant.  Low fat choices for intense constant urges for sweet things are fruit, rice cakes with a carob layer, low-fat yoghurt, jelly-babies (only 6!), and dried fruit. A craving for something, but you just can’t pin down what for, may indicate a need for water – you need 250ml (1 glass) of water/10kg of bodyweight per day for optimum health. An intense constant urge for chocolate can indicate a magnesium deficiency.