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Weight Control Tips to Support You Through Challenging Times

It’s all about guilt free taste buds, portion control and deciding to simply maintain the fat weight you lost, rather than trying to lose more weight during your 1- to 2-week break!

Some portion sizes to take note of:

Use your shooter glass:

1 shooter size = 1 tot of whisky or similar

A pocket size packet:

The zip lock bag = portion size allowed for snack = handful of nuts/ seeds/ dried fruit/ popcorn! Taste, experience, thoroughly enjoy every morsel!

You can have your cake and eat it!

Refer to your pocket size packet for portion size and remember to keep it 1cm thick at the widest part! Enjoy every morsel, chew well and taste! Have a guilt free joy ride with your cake or pudding, loving every bite!

Vino á la Body

You’re allowed 1 glass (250ml) of dry red, rosé, or white wine (divide into 2 portions of ½ glass each to stretch it) per day over your break period. Important here: watch your weight (all of us are different, if you see that you are putting on weight cut down on the vino)

Have a Rock Shandy (refer below) and a glass (250ml) of fresh, sparkling, or still mineral water with a slice of lemon and cucumber cut in small blocks, served with ice, in between your wine portions.

Legit Rock Shandy cocktail recipe

Serve in a wine glass or champagne flute, garnish with fresh berries and mint leaves – looks and tastes like any cocktail! You’ll have something in your hand, so socialise like a pro, knowing you’re not consuming any empty kilojoules!

  • Sprite Zero
  • Soda water / Sparkling Mineral Water – mix according to taste for sweetness
  • Add 10-15 drops Angostura Bitters for a lovely pink hue
  • Add ice cubes, berries, mint leaves

Fruit Ice Lollies

Combine the following ingredients, freeze and enjoy (it’s super delicious and healthy for the whole family): 1 cup of any fruit: paw-paw; strawberries; blueberries (mashed), 1 cup of double cream plain yoghurt, 20 ml hot water, sweetener to taste, 1 tsp gelatine (add last).


Limit carbohydrates to 2 portions per week (only during your 1- to 2-week break) and make the right choices: low GI bread (1 slice), brown/basmati rice (180g cooked), boiled potato (1 medium potato – eat cold – GL decreases when potato is served cold), oats (half a cup, then cooked).

Making sense of supplements

Remember to take your Weight Control Supplements every day! They’ll support your weight maintenance program!

Fun fitness

Now is the ideal time to be physically active, enjoying your body, thriving in your natural surroundings! Dance, run, hop, skip and jump: outside, every day, experience the outdoors with all your senses. Exercise is a great way to maintain your weight through challenging times. There are amazing apps available too, if you prefer it: try the ‘7 Minutes’ app (available free on android and apple devices) – Anri (our fitness specialist) incorporates this in her regime with her clients.

Love the food you eat

  • Experience the colour, taste the texture, chew thoroughly
  • Enjoy fruit in season – 2 portions per day of berries (handful = 1 portion), apples, apricots, peaches – great for snacks!
  • 2 blocks of good quality (70-80% cacao beans) dark chocolate when the craving is killing you!

Calorie counting

There is a really handy app ‘FatSecret’ to help you keep track of your daily calories (you can search nearly any product from most grocery stores and even meals from different restaurants – making planning super easy) for those who are interested. PS: do not look at the daily calories the app is prescribing as it is too high, use the reference table in the Weight Control Clinic Booklet.

Cheat meal

Have one cheat meal once a week during challenging times (again only during your 1- to 2-week break, therefore 1 to 2 cheat meals).

Tasty recipes

Visit our website for tasty, healthy recipes that everyone will enjoy!

Guarantee your future success

  • As soon as your challenging time is over, come and see us asap, so that we can help you get back on track!
  • Make your appointment before you go through your challenging time. This will ensure that you don’t forget about your commitment to your own health and wellbeing.
  • After your challenging time, go back to Phase 1: The Start Up Diet/Eating plan

Sunshine D

Your daily healthy dose of sunlight (30 minutes, early morning and late afternoon) will ensure optimal vitamin D levels – important for weight maintenance.

Relax and unwind

Relax 10 minutes morning and evening to connect with your inner self – breathe deeply, walk mindfully, relax fully, enjoy your body and your natural environment.