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Weight Control Clinic Testimonials

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Ian Bredenkamp:

My experience with the weight control clinic has been nothing short of phenomenal. I started in January of 2019 and was informed of the processes that would take place, the requirements that I had to follow and a comforting atmosphere that radiated encouragement and support. The advice, help and constant support from Ms van Rooyen has been amazing, and her willingness to offer advice about exercises and alternate food options is exceptional.

Dr Arien is likewise wonderful, as her attention to detail on the Medical front has allowed me to approach the programme with confidence and the assurance that all that could be done for my benefit was being done.

The programme has changed my life for the better, and I walk confidently to the rest of the year knowing that the staff at the Weight control clinic are there for me every step of the way.

My feedback with my experience with the weight control clinic is as follows:

1. When I started the weight control programme in January 2019 I was over weight which created certain health issues. I discovered that the programme more integrated approach in terms of health issues. The advise and guidance that I received from both Ms. van Rooyen on weekly basis in terms of diet and exercises really help me to be always conscious of what I eat on daily basis. The information receive from the booklet and weekly weigh in were very fruitful because I continued loosing weigh leading to achieve my weight goal in 5 months. 

2. The consultations with Dr. van der Merwe also played a major role in my health issues. The consultation with the doctor identified certain health challenges in advance and subsequently, those challenges were addressed by my weight loss and healthy eating which encouraged me to integrate into my life style. This means that one does not only loose weight but also leaving health, pain free.

3. Most of all the programme is educative, informative and result driven. All my health challenges are slowly reversed and solved.

4. The programme also requires one to be emotionally, physically, psychologically and financially prepared. It requires lot of discipline in order to achieve your health goals.

5. Lastly, I really enjoy this programme because it made me to have more confidence, enjoy and love myself more, prepare for my retirement and looking forward to my GOLDEN YEARS knowing that I will have a full professional and Health support during this period.

While I will still continue with the programme for maintenance purposes and otherwise, I would like to thank you very much for everything from the entire staff of the Weight Control Clinic starting from the security guys at the parking lot to the house keeping to the receptionist for their always warm greetings and chatting and the professionals Dr. Arien van der Merwe and Anri van Rooyen for your professional guidance and advice.

Wouter Willers

For work I had to go for medicals and only then I realized how severe my health actually was. I was always the big kid in school, constantly looked down on and bullied over my weight and for this reason I had a very negative attitude towards myself, and weight became the subject that were always avoided.

Today I can honestly say I am so lucky to had the opportunity to become a member of the Weight Control Clinic Program. At first I was sceptical because I have tried so many times before to lose weight and always failed. However, this time I had Anri and her team behind me, they gave me advice, knowledge and most off all constant motivation.

There is a saying that says : ‘It’s through perseverance the snail reached the ark as well’. In my case this was true. During the program time stood still for me, every day I had to persevere and remind myself why I am doing this. So I can feel good about myself, and look other people in the eye and not stand back for them.

Luckily for us this program’s main focus is to change your lifestyle and keep it that way, making it a long term goal. Going for the weekly check in always gave me a boost, there you get the feeling you matter to them, your not just another patient. Anri takes time, explains everything, listens  to you, gives advice and the best thing is that she understands if you had a rough week, and the scale tipped to the wrong side.

My perseverance paid off BIG time, I am proud to say that I lost a total of 19.8Kg in only 3 months of which 18.4 is pure fat. With a fat to weight loss ratio of 93%, I can strongly recommend that you join this excellent program as well, since it changed my life forever.

A happy and much healthier fit food lover

Christine Naude

I went to The Weight Control Clinic to help me lose weight and become healthy. From the first day, I knew that this program was not merely a diet but really a long-term lifestyle change. 

The weekly visits with Anri are always fun and informative. She gives great advice on obstacles in your way and she is always eager to help. Anri’s FitSMART Guide is easy to understand and can be done in just 15 minutes. 

For those like me, who have a busy schedule, she also creates yummy foods that can be frozen and reheated on the go. Her FitFood Ready-Made Meals are lifesavers for busy days or when life just happens. 

With Dr Arien, it is a comfort to know she is a Medical Doctor who puts her patients’ health above all else and offers great holistic medicine for any ailments you may have. Doing the Mind Solutions course with Dr Arien makes you think about your relationship with food and emotional triggers. 

At the Weight Control Clinic, they not only help you lose weight, but help you plan long term on how to keep it off as well. It’s no help losing over 20 kg (of which 17 kg is fat loss) and then just picking it up again as soon as real life happens. The Weight Control Clinic program offers guidance in all aspects of a lifestyle change. 

I am motivated to keep working hard to become the best version of myself that I can be – a woman that I am proud of and eager to meet.

Roxanne Booysen

I’ve always had a negative self-image and an unhealthy relationship with food. With Anri, I felt motivated to not only lose weight, but to push myself physically and mentally. 

With the InBody measurements to monitor progress, and educational/informative sessions, I managed to lose 22 kg in the space of a year. I’m way more aware of what I eat and what’s actually good for my body and organs. 

All I can say is thank you for building my confidence and for motivating me throughout. 

J Cooper

‘I started with Anri and Dr Arien in November 2017 before I left on holiday.  To date I have lost nearly 12.8 kilograms, every week I am on the program I can’t believe how it has become such a huge part of my life.  My brain still can’t get over the fact that every week I loose even though I eat a lot of food and don’t get hungry.  I have loved the personal care and definitely think the weigh in’s are critical for my success. I have learned not to focus on weight but total body measurements like fat % and fat weight. You have changed my world and continue to do so… I can’t ‘weight’ to go on maintenance!’ – J Cooper

S Kruger

Your EatSMART guide and weekly support is the only thing that works for me! I have been on multiple diets before, but your eating plan is the most effective and my gut feels amazing (after having multiple gut issues before). Thank you! – S Kruger

Louise Pretorius

‘My name is Louise Pretorius. I started The Weight Control Clinic in August 2016 hoping to learn how to eat healthier and lose some unwanted kilograms. What I received from the Weight Control Clinic under expert guidance of Dr Arien van der Merwe and Anri and Nikita was much more than just losing 13kg. I received the unwavering support and the knowledge of what to eat and how food effects the body and mind. The Weight Control Clinic is not just a weight loss program, it is a way of life.

I cannot say enough how the Weight Control Clinic helped, supported and motivated me in this journey, every single week. I would recommend the Weight Control Clinic to anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle.

For the next 6 months, I will be making sure I attend my visit once a month (this forms part of the maintenance program) to ensure that I maintain my weight loss and stick to the program most of the time. Many thanks for your support and I will gladly refer anybody to you with a happy heart.’ – Louise Pretorius (58 year old female, Private secretary, winner of our 6th ‘Lose 2 Win’ Competition).

Jaicee Bam

‘I will recommend Anri, and her awesome way of doing things, to anyone wanting to lose weight and obtain overall health. She helped me (during a very difficult time – December 2016) lose 5.3 kg of total body weight, more importantly of which 5.1kg was fat loss.

It is very clear from that she knows exactly what she is doing and that she can help anyone reach their goal. My goal was to lose fat and no muscle and that is exactly what happened: I did’t lose any muscle mass and mostly FAT.

The awesome thing about Anri is that she is human and understands that you are human as well. She helps you to overcome your specific issues and challenges. Thank you Anri for all your effort, patience, advice and absolute passion for your work and your patients.’ – Jaicee Bam (36 years old male, CA & lecturer, second prize winner of our 6th ‘Lose 2 Win’ Competition)

Karien Bezuidenhout

‘I am 34 years old. I came to the clinic after I realised my health was going downhill fast. I was having serious mood swings daily. I was suffering from fatigue no matter how much I slept. I had acne all over my skin and this in turn was causing confidence issues. And then on top of this, there was the weight issue – weighing more than ever had – 81.4kg. I was diagnosed with PCOS before my first child was born and I knew it was the cause of all the symptoms I was experiencing. I started the program in Aug 2016 with little faith. I was surprised at how easy the program was to follow and on top of that I suddenly learned how to cook with real food and it tasted great too! Even my boys and hubby likes the food I make. Anri prescribed an exercise program for me that was easy for me to follow and stick to (as I don’t like exercising). I lost 9kg until December 2016 and still going strong. I plan on reaching my goal weight by October 2017 in time for my Birthday. The fat loss has already improved the PCOS symptoms, I can actually see and feel the difference! Thanks, Anri for helping me become a happier person, looking and feeling great!’ – Karien Bezuidenhhout (34 year old female, Kitchen designer, third prize winner of our 6th ‘Lose 2 Win’ Competition)

Janco Kruger:Before and after Lose 2 Win

‘Up until July 2016, I haven’t been very happy with my weight. I decided to take on the program offered by the Weight Control Clinic to fix that. The goal that I had set for myself was a body transformation, and the friendliness and support of the team motivated me to achieve this goal. The combination of the meal plan and exercise routine has left me feeling satisfied, and it has increased my energy. The changes that my body has undergone during the first half of the program really excite me, and I cannot wait to see how the rest of the program will go. I cannot thank the Weight Control Clinic Team enough for their help and support during the program.’ Janco Kruger (21 year old male, industrial designer, winner of our 5th ‘Lose 2 Win Competition’, total weight loss in 11 weeks = 11.7 kg; total fat loss = 11.5 kg)

Anli Esterhuizen

‘I’ve been exercising frequently for a few years now and I enjoy a wide variety of exercise programs. Especially in the last two years I’ve developed a great passion for it – it is the part of my day that I look forward to the most and I wish I could do it even more than my office job allows – but I’ve still gradually been gaining weight. I was at my wits’ end because half of the clothes in my closet didn’t fit anymore, and every time I was displeased with my reflection I had the overwhelming compulsion to just devour everything – mostly chocolates – and I usually relented and overate even more. It affected all the aspects of my life and I even felt like I was hitting a ceiling with my exercising.

That was when I decided things had to change. I was interested in the Weight Control Clinic of Dr. Arien van der Merwe’s practice because of their holistic approach and natural products. I joined the 9-Week Rapid Fat Loss program and this is my experience:

Firstly, you must understand that you must be patient and forgiving with yourself. I’ve realised some time ago that there are no overnight weight loss miracles, so you must pluck up your determination and patience for this excursion. And it’s not like I went completely cold turkey with all the chocolates and sweet stuff – weekends were especially hard when you are relaxed and going out with friends – but those are the times when you mustn’t be too hard on yourself and you just need to focus on getting back on the program that next week. A few times I lost 2 kg’s the one week and then gained 1 kg the next week, or for three weeks my weight remained unchanged; and that is also okay! In the end I did reach my goal of losing 8 kg’s in only9 weeks and I am very happy and grateful.

The eating program was where I had to make the most changes, because I was already exercising enough, but with the eating plan that Anri prescribed I found the transition wasn’t that difficult. There was more than enough variety and alternatives to keep things interesting (and it’s not stange foods), and the guidelines for how to adjust and keep up the program from week to week were explained very well. One of the things that helped me a lot was the weekly check-ups, because that feeling of accomplishment when you saw what a difference a week could make is more delicious than any chocolate. It also gives you a short term goal that helps with self-discipline, because I could more easily convince myself not to have that little chocolate when I knew that I’d be getting on the scale in two days’ time. And you are actually the only person to whom you are accountable, because at the clinic you receive encouragement and advice, but there’s no-one who judges or reprimands you. For me the weekly meetings always had a genial and encouraging atmosphere.

I am so grateful for the guidance and encouragement that I received from Anri and the clinic, because it gave me the inspiration that I needed to make a lifestyle change; one that I fully plan on maintaining now that I’ve reached a healthy weight for my body type and I have a better handle on the cravings, because I know where they come from. I also have a new goal, and a meme I saw on Facebook the other day says it best: “Strong is the new skinny” and this is what I’m aiming for now, to become even stronger and healthier.‘ – Anli Esterhuizen (28 year old female, business system analyst; total weight loss in 9 weeks = 8.3 kg; total fat loss = 6.8 kg)

Lynette Jansen van Rensburg

‘During January 2016 I approached The Weight Control Clinic to assist me to achieve my goal to lose 20kg. They provided me with advice, treatment, continuous motivation and support to enable me to achieve this goal. I followed an exciting training program and went for weekly checkups to confirm results, receive treatment and advice on a deliciously, healthy low GI eating plan.  I feel so much healthier, more energetic and most of all, I feel comfortable in my own skin again.  I am now motivated to lose an additional 10 kg to achieve my final target weight. I am looking forward to complete this journey with the Weight Control Clinic by my side. My personal final goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle while having fun.’ – Lynette Jansen van Rensburg (our 1st Prize Winner of our Jan/Feb-May 2016 ‘Lose 2 Win’ Competition)*Before and after

Katie Barzeva

My journey and experience at the Weight Control Clinic with Dr van der Merwe, Nellie and Anri van der Merwe has been incredibly motivating. Since the weight loss, I feel more energetic and have more self confidence. I am proud of myself for achieving what I did. It all starts with being honest, persevering and understanding your body and how it functions so that you can take the correct measures to help restore it. I received so much inspiration and support from these incredible ladies at the helm. No matter how silly the question or concern, they provided me with guidance and support throughout. I couldn’t have done it without them. – Katie Barzeva (27 year old female, economist, 3rd in our Third ‘Lose 2 Win Competition’, total weight loss in 3 months = 10.6 kg; total fat loss = 8.3 kg)

Noni Cilo

Being with Dr Arien has changed my life. I was at the brink of depression and diagnosed with hypertension at the age of 30, I knew I had to do something. Having been on the Programme for 4 months now and loosing 18kg has been life changing. Simple things like being able to ride a bicycle with my boys , going on long walks and not feeling tired and actually enjoy the walk has been refreshing. My entire life has changed, I am better focused at work and I perform better, have regained myself esteem. Small things like being able to put on your socks or fold your arms right, those are my little big moments. It’s a life style change and I am happy to be part of Dr Arien’s family. Thank you. – Noni Cilo (32 year old female, claims processor, 2nd in our Third ‘Lose 2 Win Competition’, total weight loss in 3 months = 18.1 kg; total fat loss = 10.8 kg)


Making the much-needed decision to make a lifestyle change isn’t a quick fix – its Before and aftera solution. To make it a continues success you need to find what works for you – for me it was the combination of exercise, a good diet and continued support that made this my solution. Listening to advice but also to your body is of utmost importance. Never underestimate the power of your mind, body & soul connection. You have to stop being your most severe critic and start becoming your own biggest cheerleader. I am grateful that I have found the right people who have helped me along my journey and among them the team at the Weight Control Clinic should definitely have an honorary mention. Their wonderful program and the weekly visits really made me feel like I am not doing it alone and that made a huge difference for me compared to other weight loss attempts in the past. Still a bit to go before I reach my goal weight but looking forward to a healthier and lighter 2016! – LJvR (31 year old female, chef, 1st in our Third ‘Lose 2 Win Competition’, total weight loss in 3 months = 12 kg; total fat loss = 12.6 kg

2014 & 2015:

I feel more alive, and walk with confidence. – SM 

I lost 30 kg in 7 months and can finally buy clothes
that are pretty and not just clothes that fit me… and it is easier to paint my toe nails! – LdP

20 kg’s (3 months) ago I was constantly exhausted and struggled to function at work. Now I’m feeling so much better and have alot more energy – Sally Giesecke (39 year old female, systems administrator, 1st in our First ‘Lose 2 Win Competition’, total weight loss = 20.9 kg; total fat loss =10.6 kg)

When I went to Dr Arien at the end of July 2014, after much inner work, I was finally ready to walk the path of health and to feel comfortable in my body. I was desperately looking for help to lose weight, because I could not function properly anymore, without getting breathless and exhausted. I do Latin American dance and I could not fully live out this passion of mine anymore, because a dance lesson was exhausting as I did not have energy to keep up the pace. It was the last straw and I made the decision to not just drive past the Weight Control Clinic, but to actually make an appointment. I have lost weight many times before, but the winning recipe at the Weight Control Clinic is the combination of the Weight Control Program, Nurse Nellie’s support and Anri’s PlayFunFitness exercise classes (that I am doing twice a week). My fitness level has improved so much (and my arms are half the size it was). I do not gulp for air anymore when I dance! Thank you so much Dr Arien, Anri and Nellie! A dictionary does not have enough words to describe how grateful I am for your help and support. – Leandri Lotz (38 year old female, broker, 3rd in our First ‘Lose 2 Win Competition’, total weight loss = 11.4; total fat loss = 8.6 kg)

This is a special thank you letter for the road nurse Nellie walked with me to loose 36 kg! It took a year and wasn’t always easy, but with her friendly weekly motivation, encouragement and advice, I lost the 36 kg! – HK

Thank you very much. You will always be in my heart.  You are God sent.  I appreciate it so much. – ES 

I’m an Italian lady and ever since I came to SA as a diplomatic representative, I gained weight and had to get help.  I wanted to do it in a natural way.  Surprisingly, I could eat enough and lose 6.3 kg in 5 weeks!  All thanks to a fantastic team! – CC

I was strongly encouraged by my mother to join the program, as she was very concerned about my weight.  After the InBody analysis was done, I saw how much body fat I had, and realised I needed a diet.  With the necessary support, I lost 5.9 kg in 2 weeks. I have so much energy and feel unbelievably good.  Thank you to you all. – RvN

I’ve been on countless diets. This is the first one that worked and it’s because of the tremendous support and motivation from the staff at the Weight Control Clinic – SB

I’ve been able to stop my cholesterol and blood sugar medication using your wonderful natural supplements and eating plan.  My blood sugar is now completely under control for the first time in years and I have loads of energy! – BS

All my cravings are simply gone, my energy levels are high and I feel so good about myself – thank you WCC! – DE

I started with the program because I realised that my work requires me to be fit and healthy. I lost 3.3 kg in the first week! – TM

I lost about 11kg within 7 months. It was especially positive as the weight loss was gradual. The diet that I still follow is very nutritious, and I do not feel that I am starving myself. I can even cheat a bit without feeling guilty. I am very satisfied and feel like a different person. Thank you very much! – CB

I’ve lost 24kg in 6 months! Best present I could ever give myself! I am already a different person and have a completely different view on life. – MB

I weighed 96kg and lost 5kg during the first month. When I started, my weight depressed me, but since I’ve started this programme I’m motivated more than ever – BM

So far I have done very well. I have lost 30 kg in 8 months. I eat enough and lekker, there are enough options. Nellie’s support helps alot!!! The herbs are so effective that I didn’t even put on anything while on holiday!  – LdP 

I have lost 5.1 kg in 4 weeks and it feels good. – TPM

Just a short letter to say thank you for your help to get rid of my excess fat. Without you and your program I would never have been able to lose 7.6 kg in 3 weeks! I have to admit that it was easier than what I expected, and yes, you have to be determined! Thank you very much. – AS

I’m so glad to have you on facebook. I’ve been you now for 9 months, and have to admit that without your fantastic team, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Your friendliness, motivation and patience, ensure a very pleasant experience when I come to weigh myself. I’ve lost my 10kgand even more important, have maintained it now for 7 months. I feel like a new human being! There is no other place like yours! Thank you for everything – MB

I lost 5.4 kg after the first week, through determination and willpower. After six weeks I lost 9.6 Kg. I feel so good and proud of myself! – MA

Nellie makes my day! She always has a word of inspiration, a smile of encouragement, a bright new plan to reach my goal. Her heart is truly with her patients, she cares for everyone. – Anonymous 

*Results are not guaranteed.  Each person is different and results will vary.

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Petro Strydom on Mar 3, 2018 10:07 pm

Good Day,

Hope you well. Must one do a 2 months wellness course.
I’m 48 and really struggle.

How much is the 2months option.

Many Thanks

Kind Regards

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Anri van Rooyen on Mar 8, 2018 2:36 pm

It will depend how much you would like to lose. You can contact us on 0123622422 then we can advise what the best option will be based on your goal and needs.

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