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Weight 4 Weight Community Project

‘Lose Weight to Donate’

The Healthy Living Space Team (Dr Arien, Anri and Nellie) put our heads together, because it’s time to give back after a thriving year! We came up with a great idea: to donate margarine to those in need, in kilo’s, based on the fat weight clients lose. Anri and Dr Arien then decided margarine is too unhealthy, that health education, establishing healthy eating habits and food gardens, are key to long term support, while encouraging solutions and lasting change in disadvantaged communities. Dr Arien came up with the idea to donate legumes (e.g. lentils, chick peas, red sugar beans – wonderfully healthy protein sources), together with a healthy recipe (see below) in proportion to the weight clients lose per month, throughout 2015.

The communities will also receive living edible plant seeds pasted onto newspaper strips, that can be inserted into the soil, then watered with rain, grey or waste water, to grow and nurture until maturity, so that families can start eating the fresh food they produce themselves. 

Join our Weight Control Clinic to make sure the fat weight you lose turns into food for those in need!Weight 4 Weight

Healthy nutritious and delicious bean dish

  • Soak together for a few hours (approximately 4 hours): chick peas, red sugar beans, lentils (green, brown and red) and/or butter beans.
  • Fry fresh onion, ginger, garlic & tomato in a little oil (canola, sunflower, extra virgin or coconut oil)
  • Add vegetable salt, pepper and other fresh herbs (e.g. basil, coriander, rosemary, thyme) to taste
  • Add water and bring to boil
  • Add the thoroughly soaked bean mixture. First throw away the soak water – don’t cook the beans in it – it contains the gas forming substances!
  • Cook everything together on simmer for a few hours until soft. 
  • This dish can be prepared in high volume once a week, to provide food for every day of the week



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