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Where it All Started and Program Outline


Where it all started - MindsetBeing firmly in the centre of the Baby Boomer generation (those between 45 and 63 years of age at present), who have moved boundaries and old beliefs in all fields of human endeavour, from science, to wealth creation, health and even deciding how we’ll enter the wisdom years to become at least 120, it has become my life purpose to educate others of my generation, while providing the tools and techniques for us all to use to live the long, healthy, productive and creative lives in joy and playfulness, that is our birth right and the purpose of our souls’ journey on earth! This is the legacy I’d like to leave for future generations.


This program is not only for Baby Boomers, of course, but for anyone wanting to take self-responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, at any age!


About 4 years ago, I started finding more and more evidenced based research in the field of epigenetics* and since then, I’ve been delving deep into our DNA and especially epigenetics, ranging from purely mainstream scientific discoveries to metaphysical activation of the 12 strands of DNA we have, rather than only the 2 we’ve been lead to believe. Also, that the so called 97% ‘junk’ DNA arrogantly named by science, is definitely not that at all, but the driver for the 3% science could pick up with their limited tools and technology available, as being functional at the time of discovery. Nowadays, with more sophisticated quantum physics based access to equipment finely tuned and able to explore energy frequencies and vibrations,unheard of until very recently, DNA has been identified as a receiver and transmitter of light and information.

This is where epigenetics becomes prominent and essential as part of the program. The more I studied, the more it became quite clear that mainstream science and what used to be metaphysical science, are actually moving very close to each other, leading to my description of the process as ‘where science and spirit meet’. My function is that of a bridge between two worlds, of science and spirit, of left and right brain, acting as a prism to disseminate the light of knowledge, using the rainbow distribution of pure white light into the different colours through a prism as sunlight shines through it, as metaphor: each to his or her own familiar colour, whether angels or crystals, aromatherapy oils, herbs or energy healing, to absorb and use as each one sees fit.

Dr Arien’s Timeless DNA program has been developed to address the core components of DNA activation and optimising of cellular function: from the purely physiological activation of the telomerase* enzyme deep within each cell’s nucleus and cytoplasm, through reprogramming of the original healthy cells’ code and cell-to-cell communication in the whole body-mind unit, to the ultimate understanding that it all starts within our own minds. We have to change the way we think, change our old, worn out beliefs and renew our commitment to ourselves to remain healthy in body, mind and spirit. Each of our individual, physical bodies really wants to be healthy. We often forget that our natural state is optimal health and wellbeing!

Dr Arien’s Timeless DNA program’s main focus is to facilitate the rediscovery of this natural state of being, and living it, co-creating heaven on earth every day of our lives. Most importantly, this means letting go of old beliefs, grudges, grievances and a runaway train of a brain keeping us stuck in stress creating thoughts, leading to stress creating peptides (molecules of emotion), leading ultimately to physical dis-ease. Practising forgiveness every day will facilitate our journey to become the free will human beings we’re supposed to be: free to choose every day how to be joyful, at peace, serene; floating downstream in the river of wellbeing, rather than struggling and suffering, fighting and resisting, in the debris of our past lives and future worries. Letting go and surrendering to our natural state of joy and happiness within, every moment of every day: the choice is ours!

After 4 years of research and study, ordering and trying out many skin potions and lotions that promised the moon, earth and stars in a bottle, from all over the world, I’ve started to distil my experiences, separating the wheat from the chuff until I formulated a serum that actually contains the active and effective ingredients. Tamsin Koen from Just Pure synchronistically appeared in my life, while on a weekend break in Hermanus, where she manufactures her own Just Pure range. After meeting and discussing my needs, Tamsin started working on the formulation and signature scent, finally creating a truly unique, purely natural and organic, skin serum that I’ve tried and tested, with remarkable results on my own skin: soft, easily absorbed and truly noticing a reduction in wrinkles around my eyes and mouth, with a plumping effect, within 4 weeks of use. First reports from clients are very positive: ‘my skin feels so smooth’; ‘the product was easily absorbed with a silky feeling afterwards’; ‘it smells and feels awesome’.

I’ve developed a multi faceted integrative program, that follows a spiral journey inward and outward, with no beginning and no end. Where you start with the program, therefore is not important; that you actually start anywhere, is!

Dr Arien’s Timeless DNA™ Program (Beauty Within, Beauty Without and Beauty of Being) with the flagship product, The Serum, made in Hermanus, South Africa with DNA telomerase activating herbs and specifically cultivated SA oils – therefore sustainable, organic and all natural. The products do not contain any petrochemical waste products such as parabens, liquid paraffin, mineral oil, petrolatum, or other skin irritants, abrasives and age promoting factors.

  • The Serum to reactivate Telomerase enzyme in cells of skin, while deeply nourishing and supporting optimal skin cell function – Beauty Without
  • Heart-Brain-Body Support Nutriceutical(‘food as medicine’) food supplement range to support cell function and cell-to-cell communication in all organs and systems  – Beauty Within
  • Brain re-patterning, creating inner peace, joy, playfulness, serenity through an active Mind-Body-Soul Lifestyle Program- Beauty of Being

Following is an initial explanations of some key terms. These will be discussed in more detail in future articles.

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