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Dr Arien’s Timeless DNA Serum


A potent and natural Serum with health and longevity promoting DNA telomerase supporting ingredients, blended with moisturising, healing and nourishing,mostly South African oils.

Special oils and herbs were carefully selected to nourish, deeply moisturise, plump and rejuvenate even the most sensitive and dehydrated skin.

Some of the oils were also used as infusion medium for the telomerase activating herbs, to ensure youthful DNA support, while simultaneously restoring the skin’s moisturising and rejuvenation ability.

The Serum is composed of a high concentration of active plant extracts in its purest form. It is therefore concentrated and to be used sparingly – drop by precious drop –suitable for all skin types, for men and women.



Dr Arien’s Timeless DNA Serum complements your day and night skin care product regime by adding essential elements to it. As most serums, it is not a moisturiser, even if some people might find it provides enough moisturising for their skin. This Serum acts like a super charged delivery system of active nourishing ingredients to the skin, penetrating skin more deeply than a moisturiser to repair, replenish and rejuvenate, but not necessarily replacing it.


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Directions for use:

Use sparingly as the serum is concentrated and penetrates the skin deeply and quickly, because of its small molecules. Clean and tone skin. Then apply 4 drops on clean skin, focusing on dry, wrinkled, blemished areas. Gently massage into skin. Wait 5-10 minutes for product to thoroughly penetrate. Apply moisturiser as usual. Use once a day, or morning and evening for faster results.


Properties of some of the ingredients:

Astragulus Membranaceus Extract (infused in Marula Oil)

Results from various scientific studies suggest that compounds in Astragalus root, slow down the telomere shortening rate by preventing oxidative stress with its excess free radical formation. This is mainly due to the biological properties of the compounds to reduce DNA damage and improve DNA repair ability, thereby preventing and delaying cellular ageing.


Marula oil

Marula oil is called the new ‘miracle oil’because of itshigh monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant content, while being highly nourishing, hydrating, revitalising (it supports new collagen formation) and skin softening.

Marulaoil is ideal for dry, dehydrated, sensitive, sun damaged skin, while also providing nutrition to the skin. It softens and minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It improves skin elasticity for a more youthful and radiant skin, also improving skin tone and firmness. Marulaoil is fast absorbing, and has a non-greasy texture. The key to its outstanding performance, is its fine molecular structure, which contributes to its effectiveness not only as a skin hydrator, but also as a protector. Marula Oil is pH balanced, non comedogenic(won’t cause acne) and has anti-microbial properties. It is appropriate for all skin types.

Gotu Kola (Pennywort) Extract infused in Macadamia oil

Traditionally, this herb has been used as a nerve tonic for memory and clarity of thinking, for the therapy of anxiety and depression, and to improve wound healing and skin health. The name Gotu kola in Sanskrit is Brahmi, which means wisdom or consciousness. This herb is used in India similar to how the Chinese use Ginseng: for longevity and vitality. Gotu kola improves circulation and wound healing, alertness and encourages relaxation, firms skin, aids in the synthesis of collagen and tissue regeneration.It is an excellent longevity herb because of its potent antioxidant properties.


Macadamia oil

Macadamia oil is similar to our skin’s own natural sebum, and beneficial for dry, mature skin. It contains palmitoleic essential fatty acids, which is vital for delaying skin and cell ageing. Its phytosterols have a real affinity with the skin. In plants, phytosterols are the building blocks of the cell wall, working the same way that cholesterol does in our own cell membranes in the skin and rest of body, which is one of the reasons why macadamia has great skin penetration abilities. Phytosterols are protective, aid in skin recovery and are both calming(helps for itchiness and inflammation) and healing, making it the perfect oil for repairing the skins barrier function.


Baobab oil

This is a rich and nourishing oil.The pure oil is extracted from the seeds. The oil is easily and quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving no oiliness or greasiness. Baobab oil is highly moisturising, emollient and soothing – partly due to its high Vitamin A, D, E and F content.Vitamins A and F (polyunsaturated fatty acids) are actively involved in the rejuvenation and renewal of cell membranes, while vitamin E is a superior antioxidant, promoting longevity.Baobab oil is ideal for dry and damaged skin, due to its Omega 3, 6 and 9 content. The oil not only moisturisesand plumps (reduces wrinkles) the skin,but also improves skin elasticity, while encouraging regeneration of skin cells. It won’t block pores.It makes foundation look dewy and soft.


Argan oil (Moroccan oil)  

This oil, also known as ‘liquid gold’ because of all its health benefits, is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E (as tocopherol), saponins and unsaturated essential fatty acids (EFA’s). Argan oil is an excellent moisturizer andimproves skin elasticity. Daily use of Argan oil creates clear and smooth facial skin. The combination of EFAs and tocopherolacts as an effective antioxidant compound that effectively helps to combat free radicals and various causes of cell damage and ageing. The oil also helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, supporting skin plumping, while making foundation look dewy and soft.


Jojoba oil

The oil contains protein, minerals and a waxy substance that mimics collagen. This liquid wax produced in the seed of the Jojoba plant, contains high levels of tocopherols (vitamin E), which have an antioxidant effect on the skin. Jojoba oil has a natural moisturising and healing effect. It regulates and rids the skin of dead skin cells, resulting in a soft, supple and smooth skin, and is suitable for all skin types, whether dry, oily or sensitive. The structure of jojoba oil closely resembles the skin’s own natural sebum, therefore has a natural affinity for the skin, and is readily absorbed without making the skin feel greasy.Jojoba prevents trans-dermal water loss and is a potent anti-wrinkle (skin smoothing) agent.


Carrot Tissue oil

This is a revitalising, toning and nourishing oil for the skin. It increases elasticity, helps for acne, irritated skin, rosacea, dermatitis, eczema and enhances regeneration of cells. Carrot oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and carotene, and contains especially high levels of antioxidants such as Vitamin A, which is easily absorbed into the skin.


Rose Hip oil

The oil extracted from rose hips (the seed of the flower) contains trans-retinoic acid(a natural precursor of vitamin A), which is responsible for skin rejuvenation and accelerates healing due its strong antioxidant properties. Valuable in tissue regeneration and improving skin elasticity, Rosehip oil also reduces wrinkles and prevents premature ageing.

The oil contains Vitamin A as well as Vitamin E and is rich in linoleic and linolenic acids. The high vitamin A content is also very good for treating all kinds of skin problems such as acne, pigmentation, pimples and boils. It is also useful in the repair of damaged skin tissue caused by scalds, burns, varicose veins and skin over exposed to sunlight, as well as for treating oily skin, sensitive skin and reducing or healing fine lines around the eyes, wrinkles and scars. Rosehip is amongst the best vegetable oil source of omega 3 and is also a good source of omega 6, both essential fatty acids collectively known as vitamin F, involved in cellular membrane and tissue regeneration and normalising skin with large pores


Co-Enzyme Q10

As the key support enzyme for the body’s energy systems for optimal fuel production, this co-enzyme occurs in abundance in the mitochondria of every cell. The mitochondria are the power generators of the cell where all the energy for the cell’s biochemical functions is produced. Energy is stored in the cell in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is released as energy molecules when required. CoQ10 is an essential catalyst in this process, ensuring efficient and sufficient energy (fuel) for all cells, allowing them to work optimally, remaining and acting young. Cells starved of energy age faster.

CoQ10 supports brain function, reinvigorates the heart, sharpens memory and turbo-charges the immune system.


Vitamin A Palmitate

Vitamin A is an antioxidant that neutralises and removes free radicals. Itsupports collagen production in the dermis, which causes the middle layers of the skin to plump and retainmoisture. Vitamin A nourishes and hydrates the skin, improves texture and tone, repairs the cellular structure of the epidermis, counteracts inflammations and protects cell membranes and other structures within the cells from the damage caused by free radicals and in this way helps to prevent skin disorders. It is used in skin care products for dry, ageing, lifeless skin, also in the treatment of acne, eczema and psoriasis. Vitamin A increases blood flow, stimulates the skin and protects against sunburn. Vitamin A is also used in anti-wrinkle products as it supports the healing of damaged connective tissue, thereby assisting in smoothing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and scarring. Vitamin A is a potent antioxidant and applied topically delivers maximum anti-aging benefits.


Vitamin E and Vitamin C

Vitamin E and C are potent antioxidants and neutralise and destroy free radicals, therefore delaying the ageing process in all tissues and organs, promoting the longevity, renewal and rejuvenation of skin. One cause of ageing is the accumulation of free radicals over a lifetime, with associated tissue damage. Both promote the healing of wounds, while preventing and reducing the formation of scar tissue and stretch marks. Both are excellent natural preservatives due to its antioxidant and antimicrobial (preventing growth of bacteria and fungi) properties.


Vitamin C is probably best-known for its role in collagen production. Collagen maintains and gives structure to the subcutaneous tissue and protects the structure of the skin. Loss of collagen is an important cause in ageing of the skin. Vitamin C retards this process and improves the collagen support in the skin and is, with Vitamin E, vitally important for maintaining the condition of all tissues and accelerating the healing process after injury or tissue damage.


Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

ALA is a potent antioxidant, preventing and delaying the onset of the ageing process.


Rosemary Extract

Rosemary extract is a potent antioxidant and acts as an inhibitor or blocker, preventing potentially ageing and cancer-triggering substances from binding to receptors on the nucleus that contains the DNA molecule. Rosemary supports detoxification and is an excellent natural preservative due to its antioxidant and antimicrobial (preventing growth of bacteria and fungi) properties. Rosemary also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, preventing and soothing skin inflammation as found in eczema and allergies.


Squalane (derived from Olive oil)

Squalane is a pure vegetable oil derived from olives. It is highly stable against oxidation and wellknown as nature’s facelift. This botanical lipid mirrors human lipids in molecular structure and weight (the skin’s sebaceous glands make approximately 10-12% squalane). Olive squalane is the plant derived alternative to the shark liver oil of the past. This valuable lipid is extremely compatible with the skin and is safe for all skin types, making it a great choice for regenerative skin care and antiageing products.

Olive squalane is an essential oil for the skin, especially when a regenerative effect is desired.  The skin has sufficient levels when it’s young, and healthy.  As we age, the levels drop considerably and by the time we’re in our mid thirties, and forties, we no longer have sufficient levels to maintain healthy skin.  It is believed that this decline is partially responsible for many of the signs of ageing skin, including the tendency to become easily damaged, thinner and lack lustre.  The addition of olive squalane helps to replenish the natural levels lost through the ageing process. Its regenerative activity restores a more youthful appearance and improves resistance to inflammation. It softens and nurtures the skin, enhancing absorption of nutrients and other serum ingredients into the tissues, delivering the abundance of nutrients where they can be most effective.

Squalane in summary

  • Boosts cell regeneration and oxygenation
  • Prevents formation of age spots
  • Heals chapped and cracked skin, accelerating skin healing
  • Has antibacterial properties
  • Permeates the skin at a rate of 2mm per second
  • Helps prevent UV damage to skin
  • Helps skin to retain its natural oils
  • Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Relieves dehydrated and ultrasensitive skin
  • Helpful in counteracting eczema, psoriasis and postoperative scarring

Dr Arien’s Signature Scent for the Serum

A Carefully Selected Oil Blend

  • Neroli Essential Oil – revitalises and tightens mature skin and reduces anxiety
  • Rose Essential Oil – nurtures mature skin
  • Rose Geranium Essential Oil – restores balance and calm to the skin and mind
  • Lavender Essential Oil– heals and protects.Relieves skin irritations. Helps normalise all skin conditions.
  • Frankincense Essential Oil -restructures and tightens skin, while having a calming and centering effect on the nervous system while it is absorbed through the skin.

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