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Timeless DNA Courses & Workshops 

1. Breakfast with Dr Arien: Youthful Living Workshop

Series Starts: 28 February 2015 and will continue for 6 mBreakfast with Dr Arien_Timeless DNAonths one Saturday per month (to be discussed by group). The first session will be an introductory course.

Time: 10h-12h

Cost: R1950 and includes one gift, coffee/tea with a light snack, and Workbook

Booking essential as limited space is available!


The Series will be presented by Dr Arien van der Merwe (Medical doctor, Specialist in Natural, Mind-Body& Integrative Medicine), holistic health practitioner, author, baby boomer and lover of life!

Content of Series will be based on Dr Arien’s Timeless DNATM Program and her book ‘Health & Happiness’ internationally published by Fox & Raven, May 2014.


Did you know that it is perfectly possible to live life well for at least 120 years? Wouldn’t that be wonderful if we retained our wits and mind-body health?

Did you know that you can choose your biological age?

Did you know that changing limiting beliefs and behaviour, combined with willingness to change, trump genetics when it comes to influencing how you will age?

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