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Stress Solutions

Stress (distress) is a constant modern day challenge to our health & happiness. It can however be effectively managed through specific tools and techniques. Books, relaxation CDs and courses offered by medical doctor and stress expert.

Let’s acknowledge it: we’re living in a stressful environment that deeply affect ourselves, our community, and of course, our children. When asked whether she’d support a rally against war, Mother Theresa answered: ‘No, but if you have a peace rally, I’ll be there!’. We focus all our attention on what we don’t want: stop crime, no crime, no violence, no poverty, fight crime, poverty, etc. When considering the law of attraction, this mind-set tends to create more of the same, as well as a tremendous amount of fear and stress inside ourselves and our children. What if we change our thoughts to: I want peace, calm and safety; I want to be surrounded by love, joy and gratitude; I find solutions; I observe what’s going on in my relationship with co-workers, and so on?

Work related distress is harmful to your health. So is personal distress. Not only does it double your risk for dying of a heart attack, long term unrelenting stress can be the cause or exacerbating factor in almost any of our modern day chronic diseases or ailments: from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, infections ranging from colds and flu to HIV/AIDS, cancer, skin problems, premenstrual tension, endometriosis, severe menopause, back problems, obesity and overweight, to chronic fatigue, digestive system problems and lung disease.

Stress management is of the utmost importance to maintain health and wellbeing and restore a sense of serenity and peace while maintaining creative, productive, high profile lifestyles.

Cigarette smoking, poor nutrition, substance abuse, a sedentary lifestyle and, most importantly high stress levels, are major contributing factors to work related health problems and reasons for employee absenteeism. Many studies show that psychological and physical factors in the workplace such as intense deadlines, poor interpersonal relationships, poor ergonomics, absence of a stimulating work environment and healthy work culture, as well as inadequate job descriptions, are also major contributors to employee absenteeism and increased health risk.

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