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Presented & developed by Dr Arien van der Merwe MBChB FRIPH FRCAM MISMA

Results of a study published in the British Medical Journal show that work stress is associated with a doubling of the risk of death from heart disease. In promoting cardiovascular health, the traditional advice has always been for people to stop smoking, cut down drinking, eat less fat, and get moving through physical activity. These latest findings suggest that attention should also be paid to the prevention, mastering or management of work stress.

Master and manage your stress: Relax at will and live life joyfully!

Would you prefer a calmer, more peaceful life, managing the daily stress triggers with equanimity, as a human being (vs a human doing!) from the still centre of a quiet mind? Practical stress management techniques and wellness principles for the workplace and the home, will teach you how. Stress management and wellness will be considered from an integrative perspective, where physical body, mind, emotions and soul are equally important. The tone remains light, with emphasis on personal experience and interaction. Life is also about fun and laughter, especially while learning new life enriching tools and techniques! Become all you’re meant to be!

Are you working under pressure, deadlines looming, too much to do? Then now is the right time to learn about and practice stress management! Accumulated stress in your early 20’s to 30’s plays a pivotal role in health problems rearing their ugly heads in your 40’s and 50’s! Start now. Invest in your present and future health. You will notice a difference within a few weeks. Learn how to work with the Law of Attraction (as seen or read, in The Secret) by managing your thoughts to help you cope with stress, and aim for optimal health and wellbeing

Manage stress, maximise energy Stress and exhaustion are clearly bad for the people who suffer them… but stressed and exhausted people are also bad for business. They reduce overall creativity and productivity, they are prone to illness and absence from work, they cost companies and national economies money. – Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall in Spiritual Capital

This integrated, accessible and enjoyable approach turns science concepts into practice and experience, and shows participants how to tap directly into their inner resources of health, energy, vitality and wellbeing. It clearly demonstrates how health and happiness can be unconsciously sabotaged by habitual behaviour patterns, events and activities, and shows delegates how to find a centre of balance, while learning to function at optimal performance levels.

Imagine you and the people in your organisation being able to tap directly into the triggers for distress, disease or health challenges, and changing? The good news is that you need only make some practical adjustments to your everyday life and stick with it, in order to enhance your sense of health and wellbeing.


By the end of the course/workshop you will be able to:

  • Manage your general health and wellbeing
  • Become aware of , and recognise which activities, situations and people are potential stress triggers
  • Boost your immune system, your energy, your brain power, focus, attention, concentration and creativity
  • Turn afternoon slumps into productivity zones
  • Ease pain and discomfort
  • Stop potential illness in its tracks
  • Stay calm and focused under pressure
  • Become aware of, and manage negative thought patterns
  • Maintain emotional balance


  • The stress reaction revisited: basic stress info*
  • Stress tool kit: blood sugar and stress, stress less eating, immune boosters, suitable supplements, mood and food, simple techniques to bring ease into everyday activities – to boost, clean out, oxygenate and effectively hydrate your body and prevent low blood sugar. Also includes techniques to prevent and manage headaches, pain, colds & flu, boost energy, creativity and the ability to focus, concentrate and move with joy and freedom.
  • Mental/emotional balancing that includes techniques to access your brain power with the alpha brain wave state, left & right brain integration and deep relaxation techniques.


  • An immediate and tangible increase in energy
  • More positive outlook and balanced emotions
  • Greatly reduced occurrence and management of common ailments
  • Increased ability to cope under pressure and solve problems
  • Increased levels of productivity
  • Reduced levels of absenteeism

*Basic stress info:

  • What is stress? The stress survival response.
  • Isn’t stress only for wimps and weaklings?
  • Won’t I be too laid back to be productive when I practice stress management techniques?
  • What does stress have to do with ailments and illness?
  • What is the difference between relaxation and stress management?

Practical Stress Solutions:

Books and a relaxation CD to complement workshops and courses:

  • Van der Merwe, Dr A: Health & Happiness (Geluk & Gesondheid); HSM Publishers 2005
  • Van der Merwe, Dr A: Herbal Remedies (Kruie met Geneeskrag); HSM Publishers 2005
  • Van der Merwe, Dr A: Stress Solutions (Stres Strategie); HSM Publishers 2006
  • Van der Merwe, Dr A: CD Stress Solutions: Relax & Unwind for Body-Mind Resonance; HSM Publishers 2006

DR ARIEN VAN DER MERWE MBChB (Pret.) FRIPH (London) FRCAM (Dublin) MISMA (UK) is a medical doctor specialising in workplace wellness, natural medicine and stress management. Arien is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Public health, Fellow of the Royal College of Alternative Medicine and Member of the International Stress Management Association. She is the author of many books on health and wellness and currently focuses her work on peer educator training in the workplace and communities to address the chronic diseases of lifestyle, or health challenges as she prefers to call them. She also presents three short courses in peer educator training, wellness and stress management at the University of Pretoria, through the Department of Social Work. Her dream remains to be involved in a truly integrative wellness sanctuary and retreat centre. More info on her website: Contact her on e-mail:

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