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Stress Solutions Course

Practical Stress Management

Presented & developed by Dr Arien van der Merwe

Results of a study published in the British Medical Journal show that work stress is associated with double the risk of death from heart disease. In promoting cardiovascular health, the traditional advice has always been for people to stop smoking, cut down drinking, eat less fat, and get moving through physical activity. These latest findings suggest that attention should also be paid to the prevention, mastering or management of work related stress!

Master and manage your stress: Relax at will and live life joyfully!

Would you prefer a calmer, more peaceful life, managing the daily stress triggers with equanimity, as a human being (vs a human doing!) from the still centre of a quiet mind? Practical stress management techniques and wellness principles for the workplace and the home, will teach you how. Stress management and wellness will be considered from an integrative perspective, where physical body, mind, emotions and soul are equally important. The tone remains light, with emphasis on personal experience and interaction. Life is also about fun and laughter, especially while learning new life enriching tools and techniques! Become all you’re meant to be!

Are you working under pressure, deadlines looming, too much to do? Then now is the right time to learn about and practice stress management! Accumulated stress in your early 20’s to 30’s plays a pivotal role in health problems rearing their ugly heads in your 40’s and 50’s! Start now. Invest in your present and future health. You will notice a difference within a few weeks.

Manage stress, maximise energy

Stress and exhaustion are clearly bad for the people who suffer them… but stressed and exhausted people are also bad for business. They reduce overall creativity and productivity, they are prone to illness and absence from work, they cost companies and national economies money.

Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall in Spiritual Capital

The Stress Management Training is available as an Introductory Talk (45-60 minutes) as an awareness tool, also as a 2 hour seminar, 3 hour workshop, 1 and 2 day Stress Course, or 1 hour per week or every 2 weeks over a period of 6 months, to address each topic on a deeper level, with more participation from the group, and to demonstrate how health and happiness can be unconsciously sabotaged by habitual behaviour patterns, events and activities. The longer periods allow participants to experience a variety of practical exercises and tips, to use on a daily basis when confronted with stressful events and circumstances. Individual health and stress coaching sessions are also available.

Topics covered will include:

Basic Stress Info – An Overview:

  • What is stress? Flight, flight or freeze response
  • Isn’t stress only for wimps and weaklings?
  • Won’t I be too laid back to be productive when I practice stress management techniques?
  • What does stress have to do with ailments and illness?

Practical Stress Solutions Briefly Addressed:


Stress: ancient survival tool; positive (eustress) vs negative stress (distress); stress, health & dis-ease

Thoughts & emotions: our most powerful stress management tools

Relaxation & meditation techniques, rest, resilience, creativity – breathing exercise to demonstrate deliberate relaxation

Enhancers for a healthy lifestyle, to moderate your physical response to stress – nutrition, correct use of food supplements & herbs, fun & laughter, workplace enhancement, ergonomics, muscle relaxation exercises @ work and @ home. Environment.

Self awareness, self-esteem, self responsibility, self care. Sound healing

Soul, spirit – the human search for inner peace, meaning & purpose.

The book ‘Stress Solutions’ and relaxation CD to complement the talk, course or workshop, will be available to participants at a discount price:

  • Van der Merwe, Dr A: Stress Solutions
  • Van der Merwe, Dr A: CD Stress Solutions: Relax & Unwind for Body-Mind ResonanceStress Solutions Book & CD

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