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Stress less holiday tips

  • Try to eat healthy on your holiday, lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds,
    smoothies, fresh water and herbal teas to drink. Most people stop taking their supplements during the holidays when you should continue your normal ritual.
  • Eat a balanced diet and stick to your exercise program adapted to the holidays: try more yoga, swimming, dancing or walking.
  • Give yourself some time for introspection and being alone, to enjoy and experience all that is happening in your day. Keep a dream diary next to your bed. 
  • Treat yourself to a lovely bath with aromatherapy oils such as lavender, sandalwood, ylang-ylang or neroli or deep tissue massage.
  • Care for yourself with a good natural UV-protection moisturiser or tanning lotion applied to a smooth, well scrubbed body, deep facial cleanses and facial masks made of finely chopped cucumber, yogurt and lemon juice.
  • Read, write, dream and release your imagination and intuition
  • Do short relaxation exercises that will allow you to become calm inside, and turn your attention away from outside things, people and situations that upset you.
  • Alone time, especially in nature, provides time out and a chance to focus on your soul centre or Inner Being, and experience the here and now with appreciation. Enjoy nature using all your senses. Take these moments to write down your values, beliefs, goals and priorities and find out what is important to you. 
  • If your family (including the children) starts to mistreat you, it is time to explain to them gently yet assertively what your view on the specific issue is. Start creating a chore schedule where everybody is responsible for certain duties/tasks.

This will ensure a happy time of connecting with yourself, close and extended family, and friends. Remember to be realistic about your expectations of the holidays and to use them to be yourself and to reconnect with your authentic inner being. Enjoy every day as it comes without expectations. Relax!

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