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‘When we love our own bodies, they respond. When we send our love to the Earth, she responds. For our own bodies are 75% water. And the earth’s surface, also, is 75% water. And we have seen before our eyes the proof that water is far from inanimate, but is actually alive and responsive to our very thought and emotion. Perhaps, having seen this, we can begin to really understand the awesome power that we possess, through choosing our thoughts and intentions, to heal ourselves and the earth. If only we believe.’

Messages from water by Dr Masaru Emoto



Molecular structure of untreated distilled water


Water crystals with the words I love you on a

sticker placed on the same bottle of water

We have many surprises in store for a healthy, playful 2013!
Our distinguishing feature remains the continuous support, guidance and motivation we have become renowned for, combined with our all-natural, safe and very effective injections and nutriceuticals (food as medicine), as well as the easy-to-follow, healthy eating plan, to reduce high insulin levels, reverse insulin resistance and to manage metabolic syndrome. We also cover the chronic diseases (health challenges!) of lifestyle (such as hypertension, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes mellitus), and facilitate resilience training programmes to manage the high stress levels of today’s performance-driven and rushed, urban lifestyle. 

In order to strengthen, support and encourage your weight release and healthy lifestyle efforts throughout this year in an integrative way, we have planned many tools and techniques to assist your journey into healing and wholeness.

We’re kick starting our programme with the followinginteresting interventions:

Mind Solutions course

Do you go on diets, lose weight with extreme willpower and effort, only to pile it on again, and more, after 3-12 months? This is due to the subconscious saboteurs that thwart your best efforts! Dr Arien will guide you through practical, easy exercises to assist your process of making your own subconscious emotional saboteurs conscious, so that they can be released forever. This course will also help you to manage the daily stresses and strains around foodand other health and life challenges.

The seminar will be every Saturday morning, from 10h00-11h30, starting on 2 March 2013, and continuing for 6 sessions. The cost is R1 200 for the 6-week course and will include a workbook with the active worksheets you’ll be using.

Playfun Fitness, Yoga-Pilates combination and Ageless Grace

Attend these weekly classes to learn to move your body with ease, finding the joy of movement and renew neural pathways: in as little as 10 minutes a day! We have a special package for Playfun Fitness and other exercises, to support your weight release efforts. Please talk to Anri, our Personal Trainer, for more details on the consultation included and options available.

Creative, relaxing workshops

Facilitated by Nellie one Saturday a month and starting on Saturday, 9 March 2013 from 9h00-12h00. Cost will depend on materials used. Guestimate: R350 per workshop, including all materials, tea/coffee and a healthy snack. Creativity is the best way to gain access to the more relaxed right brain alpha mode, thereby enabling you to use your whole brain, deliberately learning to relax and break the thought trains of anxiety, worry and fear that are often the root cause of weight gain and any chronic disease process or illness.

Cooking demos based on the WCC eating plan

Our first cooking demo will be on Saturday, 2 March 2013 from 9h00-12h00 to show you some salad and delicious stir fry recipes based on the first week of our diet plan. The price is R300 per person and will include all the ingredients, eating together afterwards, as well as a handout with all the recipes and a personal email consultation with Marelie, our resident cook. We’ll also have the ingredients available for you to buy afterwards.

You are welcome to contact us for more information. We also need your support to give us an idea of your level of interest.


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