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Don’t Take Anything Personally! Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering –  Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements

To manage our emotions is not to drug them or suppress them, but to understand them so that we can intelligently direct our emotional energies and intentions…. It’s time for human beings to grow up emotionally, to mature into emotionally managed and responsible citizens. No magic pill will do it –  Doc Childre, Founder: HeartMath Institute

From Dr Arien: Decide to feel the joy! The shift in consciousness taking place right now, is calling us to move away from our old default mode, steeped in negative emotions, asking us to embrace a more balanced and positive perspective. This also includes how we perceive our emotions and the lessons we are learning from them. Try this: the next time you have a positive, fun or joyful emotional experience, be with it and ask yourself, ‘Why is this happening?’ and ‘What am I learning from this?’. If you do this often enough, you will begin to see how much you really do learn from all the wonderful and happy emotions, rather than only from the negative ones. You will find your perception changing from that of a negative mode of being, to a more balanced outlook, using the whole range of human emotions. You may also find that recalling the fun, joyful, playful and happy events, will become easier. They will become a clearly defined piece of your ‘inner reference material’, creating a new default mode in your brain.

The more you shift your attention toward positive emotions and the tremendous learning to be found in joy and pleasure, you will be calling more of it into your life!

The Weight Control Clinic
Our distinguishing feature remains the continuous support, guidance and motivation we have become renowned for, combined with our all-natural, safe and very effective injections and nutriceuticals (food as medicine), as well as the easy-to-follow, healthy eating plan, to reduce high insulin levels, reverse insulin resistance and to manage metabolic syndrome. We also cover the chronic diseases (health challenges!) of lifestyle (such as hypertension, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes mellitus), and facilitate resilience training programmes to manage the high stress levels of today’s performance-driven and rushed, urban lifestyle.

In order to strengthen, support and encourage your weight release and healthy lifestyle efforts throughout this year in an integrative way, we have planned many tools and techniques to assist your journey into healing and wholeness.

The Mobile Weight Control Clinic

We are bringing the WCC to your doorstep! After many requests, we are finally ready to bring our very successful program into the workplace, where we’ll set up a weekly clinic to support every employee’s weight release efforts, especially focused on metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus, stress and weight related hypertension.

Please call us, send an e-mail and visit our 2 web-sites for more information in this regard.

Mind Solutions Course

Do you go on diets, lose weight with extreme willpower and effort, only to pile it on again, and more, after 3-12 months? This is due to the subconscious saboteurs that thwart your best efforts! Dr Arien will guide you through practical, easy exercises to assist your process of making your own subconscious emotional saboteurs conscious, so that they can be released forever. This course will also help you to manage the daily stresses and strains around food and other health and life challenges.

We are in the middle of our fully booked first course and every participant is finding it very valuable in facilitating their weight release efforts. Our second course will start middle May 2013,Saturday mornings, from 10h00-11h00, continuing for 6 sessions. The cost is R1 200 for the 6session course and will include a workbook with the active worksheets you’ll be using, as well as Dr Arien’s relaxation CD.

Stress Solutions Course

We live in a stressful world! We can, however learn to manage our stress, relax deeply and fully, develop resilience and even thrive! This practical relaxation and stress management course will also teach you how to lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Enquire about the next starting date towards middle May 2013, R 1400 for 4 sessions (Stress Solutions CD and book included)

Playfun Fitness, Yoga classes and Ageless Grace

Attend these weekly classes to learn to move your body with ease, finding the joy of movement and renew neural pathways: in as little as 15 minutes a day! We have a special package forPlayfun Fitness and other exercises, to support your weight release efforts. Please talk to Anri,our budding Personal Trainer, for more details on the consultation included and options available.

Joy Yoga: Yoga group classes on Fri 10h00-11h00 with Wynand. R75 per person  

Individual Yoga sessions may be arranged with Wynand: Monday, Wed & Fri mornings as per appointment – R 230 for a 1 hour class

Cooking demos with Mareli and Anita from Nutri-Roots

Healthy family meals, 13 April 2013 from 9h00-12h00 to show you some salad and delicious stir fry recipes based on the first week of our diet plan. The price is R300 per person and will include all the ingredients, eating together afterwards, as well as a handout with all the recipes and a personal email consultation with Marelie, our resident chef. We’ll also have the ingredients available for you to buy afterwards.

Attend our monthly Free Talks!                  

Insulin, Cortisol, Glugacon, Stress and Weight Gain, especially around the abdominal area.Brain and Body as One: ensure successful and permanent weight release! (Dr Arien vd Merwe, medical doctor specialising in natural, integrative medicine). 18 April  2013, 17h30-18h30 at The Weight Control Clinic, 360 Murray St, c/o Brooklyn Rd and Murray St (entrance from Brooklyn Rd), BROOKLYN, Pretoria. Attendance is free, but seating is limited, so please confirm your seat: Tel. 012 3622422. 

You are welcome to contact us for more information. We also need your support to give us an idea of your level of interest!



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