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Presented by Health Stress Management (Pty) Ltd

Course presenter, developer: Dr Arien van der Merwe


The cost to the SA economy of death and disability from heart disease and stroke alone, is in excess of R8 billion a year! This exerts a tremendous burden on the workplace: lost man hours, lost productivity because of presenteeism, sick leave and absenteeism. Therefore, it is in the workplace’s best interest to search for, and implement, solutions.

Workplace wellness interventions have become an essential tool to successfully address the burden of disease in South Africa. It is time for a paradigm shift: for too long we’ve been focusing our attention on the problem (i.e. managing disease). Wellness interventions focus on the solution: health promotion, optimal health and wellness through awareness, education and new ways of thinking.


Day 1: : The wellness paradigm. Defining wellness. Models of wellness. The iceberg model adapted to deeper levels.
Day 2: Wellness interventions, quality standards of wellness, interventions and chronic diseases of lifestyle (CDL’s).
Day 3: The wellness approach. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack, stroke. Immune system health. Diabetes mellitus. Practical exercises for the promotion of wellness in the workplace.
Day 4: Practical and/or written examination to qualify for a certificate issued and endorsed by Health Stress Management (Pty) Ltd.


Course outline
After completing this course, participants would have a clear idea of:

  • the wellness paradigm, definition of wellness, the adapted illness-wellness continuum, health & wellness promotion versus disease management, the adapted iceberg model of health, behaviour change model;
  • wellness interventions to address the CDL’s, for every stage of change to enable support and ensure participation. Health conditions that respond well to a wellness approach;
  • the need for wellness interventions that address all the chronic diseases of lifestyle in the workplace;
  • ideas for increasing employee awareness, support and compliance. A changed perspective in wellness practice;
  • how to encourage management support and motivation;


Prospective delegates should at least have a Matric or equivalent, with tertiary education recommended.


The course would be of value to anybody interested in the promotion of wellness, but in particular for those in the following fields: all the medical and health consulting disciplines, wellness practitioners, nursing professions, occupational health, human resource and employee assistance, paramedics, psychology, biokinetics, human movement sciences, spiritual and religious work, community workers, nutrition, medical aid and medical insurance representatives, child care, government, education, complementary health arena, occupational social work and recreational consultancy.


The course will be presented by Dr Arien van der Merwe, medical doctor, author and specialist health and wellness service provider.


The course will entail some lectures, but the emphasis will be on practical workshop sessions and an experiential approach.

The course will be presented primarily in English, although delegates will be accommodated in both English and Afrikaans.


In order to qualify for a certificate issued and endorsed by Health Stress Management (Pty) Ltd, delegates need to successfully comply with requirements through a practical and/or written examination on the last day of the course.


Any travel and/or accommodation arrangements are the responsibility of the delegates.


Dr Arien van der Merwe    012 460 0191 / 083 731 2049

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