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Sep-Dec 2015: ‘Lose 2 Win’ Competition Winners

Lose2Win-Competition-Jan-Feb-2016 final

New ‘Lose 2 Win’ Competition Starts 1 February2016, click here for more information

These three women show us that it is possible to lose
weight, and quite a lot in 3 months – their results were astonishing and highly encouraging to all of us! See the before photos below, after photos will follow… 

Fat loss is more important than total weight loss and therefore the reason that fat weight lost was the main determinant for our ‘Lose 2 Win’ Competition (date: month of September to last weigh-in on 10 December 2015)!

Lientjie J v Rensburg1. Lientjie Janse van Rensburg is the winner – super job! Lientjie actually lost more fat weight than her total weight loss! This is truly amazing and indicates the importance of regular exercise (where gaining some muscle weight supports both metabolism and fat loss) while following an eating plan.

  • Total weight loss: 12 kg
  • Total fat loss: 12.6 kg

“Making the much needed decision to make a lifestyle change isn’t a quick fix – its a solution. To make it a continues success you need to find what works for you – for me it was the combination of exercise, a good diet and continues support that made this my solution.Listening to advice but also to your body is of utmost importance. Never underestimate the power of your mind, body & soul connection. You have to stop being your most severe critic and start becoming  your own biggest cheerleader.

I am grateful that I have found the right people who have helped me along my journey and among them the team at the Weight Control Clinic should definitely have an honorary mention. Their wonderful program and the weekly visits really made me feel like I am not doing it alone and that made a huge difference for me compared to other weight loss attempts in the past. Still a bit to go before I reach my goal weight but looking forward to a healthier and lighter 2016!”


2. In second place is Noni Cilo losing a whopping 18.1 kg! Well done on this wonderful achievement!

  • Total weight loss: 18.1 kg
  • Total fat loss: 10.8 kg

“Being with Dr Arien has changed my life. I was at the brink of depression and diagnosed with hypertension at the age of 30, I knew I had to do something.

Having been on the Programme for 4 months now and loosing 18kg has been life changing. Simple things like being able to ride a bicycle with my boys , going on long walks and not feeling tired and actually enjoy the walk has been refreshing. My entire life has changed, I am better focused at work and I perform better, have regained myself esteem. Small things like being able to put on your socks or fold your arms right, those are my little big moments. It’s a life style change and I am happy to be part of Dr Arien’s family. Thank you “

Katie Barzeva3. In third place is Katie Barzeva. You are a star!

  • Total weight loss: 10.6 kg
  • Total fat loss: 8.3 kg

Well done!  It takes hard work, we are proud of you for your commitment to your own good health and happiness!

 “My journey and experience at the Weight Control Clinic with Dr van der Merwe, Nellie and Anri van der Merwe has been incredibly motivating. Since the weight loss, I feel more energetic and have more self confidence. I am proud of myself for achieving what I did. It all starts with being honest, persevering and understanding your body and how it functions so that you can take the correct measures to help restore it. 

I received so much inspiration and support from these incredible ladies at the realm. No matter how silly the question or concern they provided me with guidance and support throughout. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

New ‘Lose 2 Win’ Competition Starts 1 February 2016, click here for more information

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