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Weight Control Clinic Standard Package: Online

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This Weight Control Clinic Standard Package was specifically combined by a medical doctor for optimal fat loss for patients that are not able to visit our practice, and includes the following: Appetrol, Heart Brain Body Support & Antioxidant, FatTASTIC drops and the Weight Control Clinic diet booklet.


The Weight Control Clinic Standard Package was formulated by a medical doctor for optimal fat loss. This package is for those who prefer the convenience of a program that is available via online, telephone or email orders while still using our secret weapon: the all natural, safe herbal remedies and nurticeutical food supplements.

The Package includes the following:

1. Appetrol – natural, highly effective appetite suppressant with herbs and vitamins to support fat loss

2. Heart Brain Body Support & Antioxidant – supports the heart, brain, nervous system, endocrine glands and entire body for optimal function and metabolism, in support of fat loss

3. FatTASTIC drops – supports fat loss

4. Weight Control Clinic Booklet included with diets, advice on effective exercise with reference to relevant articles

We give email support ( every step of the way. You send us weekly updates of your weight and we advise based on that. We are also available via telephone: 0123622422. PLUS we have an online Weight Control Clinic Facebook Group for youto have 24 hour access to tips, advice and support, click here to join our group.

Disclaimer: In a sincere effort to support people everywhere in their journey to the natural human state of health and happiness, Dr Arien endeavours to the best of her abilities, training and experience, to only choose well researched and safe herbal remedies and nutriceuticals to support the body’s natural physiology and functioning. Specific recommendations are made either during personal consultation, or email consultation, based on completion of a very specific questionnaire to assess health and stress status, nutrition, exercise, medical history, recent blood chemistry and prescription drugs currently in use, to determine possible interactions and correct tapering of medication if requested. It is therefore every individual’s responsibility to learn about their own health and wellbeing, in order to choose whether they prefer a more natural path to health and wellbeing. Health is not only about taking natural remedies, or prescription drugs for that matter, but also considering the deeper causal issues of trapped emotions, mental and spiritual wellbeing, while taking appropriate measures to live a balanced lifestyle.


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