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Stress Solutions USB Memory Stick: Relax & Unwind Level 1


Relaxation CD for beginners to improve stress levels.


Stress Solutions USB Memory Stick:             Relax & Unwind Level 1

Effective relaxation techniques for beginners who would like to learn how to relax & meditate.

We are inundated with information overload, techno-stress, work pressure, personal demands, relationship problems, financial worries. We remain in a heightened state of arousal and alertness, in the fight-or-flight stress response, with its associated cascade of physiological reactions. This state of alarm sends constant signals of survival fear to every cell. No wonder we get sick in body and mind.

This external and internal noise, makes it nearly impossible to center ourselves, know who we truly are, to tune into our inner selves. Learning how to relax and meditate, helps us clear and quiet our minds, manage our emotions and our stress triggers with equanimity, from the still centre of a quiet mind.

Meditation is not a goal oriented practice. It is not the usual striving for perfection, improvement and achievement! It is a process. It is very difficult for the Western mind with its mostly left brain consciousness, to become still. It is often difficult to let go of worrisome and fearful thoughts, even for a few minutes. Listen to these tracks every day, and notice the difference in your life within as little as 2 weeks. Trust the process.

Remember the 3 P’s:

  • Practice
  • Patience
  • Perseverance

This CD was developed as a companion to the book ‘Stress Solutions’ or to use on its own. It is aimed at assisting newcomers and beginners to meditation, to learn how to quiet the active left brain with its predominantly beta waves, so that the right brain with its relaxed awareness alpha waves, can enter the field for integrative whole brain functioning. The CD starts with simple breath awareness for a few minutes, progressing gradually to a deeper relaxation.

Be gentle with yourself, listen to the guided meditations, start with 5 minutes, gradually increasing to 20 minutes twice a day and simply let go. Become a human being and improve your sense of well being, joy and inner peace!

Innercise is as important as exercise for health & wellness.


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