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Stress Solutions Book


In Stress Solutions, Dr Arien van der Merwe explains the effects of stress – on women, men, children and in the workplace – before presenting a series of practical tools and techniques we all can use for managing our stress. Her integrative approach targets the root causes of stress as she shows readers how to live their lives with balance and energy. Stress Solutions is an effective, user-friendly guide which will help you make the inescapable stresses of daily life work for you.


Stress Solutions Book

Stress: the root cause of modern-day ailments and discomfort…

To manage this insidious health challenge, diet and exercise are no longer enough. In-depth stress management and daily relaxation practise are also essential ingredients for a healthy lifestyle.

In this practical guide Dr Arien highlights:

  • Stress as major contributing factor to health challenges, chronic and auto-immune disease such as heart disease, overweight, depression, anxiety, diabetes, osteoarthritis, thyroid disease, psoriasis, eczema, multiple sclerosis, Hashimoto, lupus and many others
  • Stress management in a global context (the environmental, socio-economic and political climate as stressors)
  • Stress in the workplace
  • Stress and your family – the effect of stress on men, women and children
  • The root cause of stress and how to manage it
  • Actively dealing with stressful thoughts and emotions in our daily lives

Dr Arien’s integrative and whole-body, mind and spirit approach to stress makes this the definitive, hands-on guide to live life in balance and energy, managing daily stresses and strains with resilience and equanimity.

*Includes a Stress Assessment and 12 Weeks to Wellness Course!


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