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Optimise your Health & Wellbeing in Only 12 Weeks!

R3,000.00 R1,500.00



Online Health Coaching Course developed by Dr Arien van der Merwe

A step-by-step practical approach to a healthier you, by making informed decisions to increase health enhancing behaviours. Take charge of your health now.
You will receive the following:

  • Introductory 2-hour Session with Dr Arien explaining the 12-Week Course as well as key concepts
  • 12-Week Guided Health Coaching Course (PDF notes and assignments)
  • Articles (PDF) explaining key concepts: Alchemy of Healing; 2-Day Gentle Detox Plan; Epigenetics, Peptides and Molecules of Emotion; Inflammation
  • Dr Arien’s Stress Solutions eBook and relaxation CD (MP3)
  • Dr Arien’s Health & Happiness eBook
  • Exercise as Medicine booklet (PDF) with exercise program and demo by Anri van der Merwe
  • Added benefit if you purchase the course: join our exclusive Facebook group and chat with us and other clients/patients

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