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Immune Support Health Box


A comprehensive combination to support the immune system to fight any infection (including the Coronavirus). We are giving a massive discount on our Immune Boost Health Box, to help our fellow SA citizens support their immune system with nature’s pharmacy, through these turbulent times.¬†


Immune Support Health Box

Our Immune Support Health Box includes:

1. Heart Brain Body Support & Antioxidant

2. Echinacea Drops – 50ml OR Immune Boost Drops – 50ml

A comprehensive combination of our Heart Brain Body Support and Antioxidant and Echinacea (each sold separately as well) will support and supports your immune system through turbulent times to help your body fight viruses (incl. coronavirus), any other infections (incl. bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections) and to assist your general health and wellbeing. Dr Arien also recommends both of these as preventative measure.

Click on the links below for Dr Arien’s articles on the Coronavirus (Covid-19), immune system and more:


Click here to additionally purchase our Immune Support injections 


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