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EatSMART & FitSMART Guides

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Our successful EatSMART & FitSMART Guides are on sale now. Take yourself from flabbiness to fabulous in only 12 weeks, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.


EatSMART & FitSMART Guides

Take yourself from flabbiness to fabulous in only 12 weeks!


User-friendly and simple to follow. This guide will make your fat loss journey to a healthy body weight not only easy, but achievable. The EatSMART Guide includes The Weight Control Clinic (since 1974) eating plans with dietary guidelines, incl. lists of food choices, meal plans, health tips and links to relevant articles.

BONUS: links to quick, easy and delicious legit recipes. Written by Dr Arien van der Merwe & Anri.

FitSMART EXERCISE PROGRAM (Fit-in-15 Workouts):

Designed for fat loss and muscle toning with effective workouts of only 15 minutes each, in the comfort of your own home. No equipment needed with beginner, intermediate and advanced options (up to 36 weeks of workouts if you start at beginner level).

All workouts are fun and different options are available to prevent boredom. You will also receive two email consultations with our health & fitness scientist (Anri van Rooyen) for support, motivation and to address questions you might have.