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Natural Integrative 


natural medicine

There is a global renewed interest in natural medicine, wellness and health promotion.  The importance and validity of natural medicine (both as an alternative to conventional medication and as a synergistic part of conventional treatments) is a sign of our times!

Weight Control 


weight control clinic

There is a close relationship between obesity and genetics, physical inactivity and unhealthy eating habits. A healthy diet plan and exercise plan is essential and may increase insulin sensitivity, decrease body weight and preserve muscle mass.



Workplace wellness

Dr Arien and Anri can provide support for your workplace wellness interventions and programs, from initial design, through project management and practical workshops, talks, seminars and courses on any health, fitness or wellness related topic.



youthful living

A multi faceted integrative program, that follows a spiral journey inward and outward, with no beginning and no end. Where you start with the program, therefore is not important; rather that you actually start is!


Meals & Recipes


FitFood Ready-Made Meals: low carb, wheat/grain and gluten free. Organic and free range produced are sourced as far as possible and contains no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.




FunFitness are effective exercise programs/workouts that are created based on your need and fitness goal. It is completely personalised and based on your fitness level. Home and gym based options.

Dr Arien van Der Merwe

aboutdrarienDr Arien, author of many books, an internationally renowned holistic health expert and medical doctor. She has more than twenty years’ experience specialising in workplace wellness, longevity, body-mind and integrative, natural medicine and stress management… read more >>>

Anri van Rooyen

aboutanriAnri [BSc (Genetics, Psychology & Physiology), BSc Hons (Human Physiology), MSc Physiology, Personal Fitness Trainer] is a Highly Qualified Health & Fitness Scientist, Co-Owner and Practice Manager at Ariani Health Solutions. Anri developed PlayFunFitness™ to incorporate fun and effective exercises for optimal fat loss, strength and… read more >>>

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