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Online Weight Control Clinic Program


We do it best by now – 40 years experience and successful weight loss history!

WCC steps 

The Online Program is ideally suited for those who prefer the convenience of a weight loss program that is available via online, telephone or email orders while still using our secret weapon: the all natural, safe herbal remedies and nurticeutical food supplements.



The Online Program (without the natural and safe injections, weigh-ins and weekly support sessions of course!) will include the following:

  • Step 1: The Start Up & Follow Up diet/eating plan
    • Week one of the Weight Control Clinic (WCC) Program to detox and giving the pancreas a well deserved break\
    • Week 2 and onwards of the WCC Program where we emphasise (since 1974!) healthy fat and oils, protein, with restored insulin balance and sensitivity, to support your weight loss efforts
  • Step 2: Our Secret Weapon – the all natural SAFE food supplements and herbal remedies. Meal replacements option is included in this package.
  • Step 3: Mind Solutions for Sustainable Weight Release as an online program

    • The Mind Solutions Course to address emotional reasons for eating and food addictions
  • Step 4: Exercise Routines for Fat Loss, Weight Release and Youthful Living – Interval & Strength trainingStep 5: Maintenance

Includes free booklet with all steps explained
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Online Packages


The Package includes the following:

1. Appetrol – all natural, highly effective appetite suppressant with herbs and vitamins to support fat loss

2. Heart Brain Body Support & Antioxidant – supports the heart, brain, nervous system, endocrine glands and entire body for optimal function and metabolism, in support of fat loss. The Heart Brain Body Support & Antioxidant is Step 2 of Dr Arien’s Timeless DNA Program (that ensures longevity & cell rejuvenation)

3. GlucoseSUPPORT drops – assists with blood sugar and insulin balance, liver detoxification and circulation

4. FatTASTIC drops – supports fat loss

5. Weight Control Clinic Booklet included with diets, advice on effective exercise with reference to relevant articles

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