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Natural Recipe for Sunburn, Insect Bites,

Blue Bottle Stings, Skin Irritations

Try this easy natural recipe for sunburn by making it from scratch to ensure that all the ingredients are in the mixture and to ensure correct amounts.

recipe for sunburn

Aloe ferox



recipe for sunburn

Calendula and Lavender Flowers

1 cup each of chopped lavender and calendula flowers – to be found in most gardens 

1 tablespoon aloe vera, bulbine and bitter aloe (aloe ferox) gel – to be found in most gardens (these can also be used on their own)


recipe for sunburn

Bulbine frutescens



Place the chopped lavender and calendula flowers in a little bit of just boiled water to infuse until the water has cooled down. Add the aloe vera, and/or bulbine and/or bitter aloe (aloe ferox) gel to the mixture and apply to infected or damaged skin.





How to get the gel from the aloe vera, bulbine (barbinella) and bitter aloe (aloe ferox) leaves:


Aloe vera

Aloe vera

Simply break or cut the leaves and press the gel out. The leaves can also be cut lengthwise and the gel removed with a teaspoon or the blunt end of a knife.Extracting the gel

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