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Natural Medicine Testimonials

Dr Arien’s Integrative Approach and Nutriceuticals

E Oechler

Dr Arien helped me improve my thyroid function. When I started with her treatment and at the Weight Control Clinic I was on Thyroid medication that I have been using for many years. Now I only use the natural medicine and my thyroid function is back to normal for the first time in many years. Thank you very much Dr Arien!

Madaleen Schultheiss

Two of my toes on each foot were feeling numb for the last 4/5 months. I work long hours seated behind a computer screen!  Since using the Ginkgo drops for 10 days, feeling returned to my toes and there are only a slight numbness on one of the toes left.  

Onica Lewis

I just want to say thank you so much. Since I started using all your natural medicine products (Heart Brain Body Support & Antioxidant, Omega, Calcium & Magnesium, Female Balance & Appetrol), I feel ten tons better than before and my nails aren’t breaking anymore. My most sincere appreciation.

Jayne de Jager

My hot flushes that I was having literally every 20 minutes disappeared almost immediately after I started using the Female Balance. I would highly recommend it!

M Groenewald

I have tried many products to manage my menopause symptoms and Female Balance is the only one that works for all the symptoms of menopause especially the hot flushes. This is an amazing and effective product!

Johan Barnard

I was very depressed, sometimes suicidal. The anti-depressants kept me awake at night and I felt terrible at times. I could not leave home. Life was a daily struggle. At times I felt like giving up.

Dr Arien took me off the anti-depressants slowly and put me on natural medication. There was a dramatic improvement in my quality of life. I had a new desire to live, I could think more clearly, I could drive my car safely. I slept much better. I could go out, visit friends, go to church. I want to express my deep appreciation to Dr Arien for her kind help.


My journey to wellness

In July 2014, I had difficulty breathing and was diagnosed with asthma by my GP, who put me on antihistamines, corticosteroid inhalants and Ventalin. My body rebelled and went into total anxiety, sleeplessness, causing my throat to close up. I then got Candida in my throat and consequently consulted Dr Arien, who very gently and reassuringly confirmed that my condition can be treated with natural medicine and emotional release work. I was also given her books (‘Stress Solutions’ and ‘Health & Happiness’) and her relaxation CD. After 2 months of being on Dr Arien’s treatment I am back to my old self. This was the result of a very holistic treatment and rectification of my problem. I cannot recommend strongly enough for anyone with health challenges, to consult with Dr Arien, who can support you in restoring your wellness again without the really bad side effects of so many of the medications that are prescribed.

Robinson Regstreeks – kykNET (Sandra Taljaard)

Good evening Dr Arien

I saw you last night on Freek Robinson’s program and I felt that I needed to send you this letter. If it was not for you my only child would probably not be here today. After she visited many doctors in her 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of university due to anxiety attacks and the loads of chemicals they prescribed her, her condition got worse, not better. They eventually put her on very hectic antidepressants with many side effects. With God’s grace I finally came to you. Today, she has graduated and is a happily married woman that never needed to drink any antidepressants or stress medication again, after she consulted you!!! 

I wish that it was a call in program, because I had a few things I wanted to tell the other doctor on the program. The difference was, and that everyone could see, that you have a lot of knowledge in the medical field and that he had no knowledge in the alternative medical field (you have knowledge on both). So he came across as very uneducated compared to you.  


Thank you, you saved my daughter’s life and gave it back to her, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Workshop Feedback

Timeless DNA Workshop: 3 Keys to a Younger You

  • Very interesting. Thank you very much!!!
  • Learnt a lot and curious to know more i.e. life = style, destress, emotional wellness
  • Interesting especially on natural remedies and release of emotions
  • Fantastic! Very educational!!!
  • Dr Arien is great! The information is unbelievable.
  • Makes unbelievable sense. Thank you very much!
  • I learnt a lot today thanks!
  • Excellent! A lot of information that can be used!