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Natural Medicine with Dr Arien

Natural Integrative Medicine techniques support the body’s natural ability to heal, through physiological and biological support, by reducing stress and promoting a state of relaxation that leads to better health.

Dr Arien has 30 years’ medical and natural medicine expertise to coach you to optimal health and support your journey into healing. Dr Arien is a proven expert in the field: author of many articles and books on natural medicine, stress management and wellness.

It can support and motivate you to achieve optimal health, through health education, allowing you to take self-responsibility and engage in your own health and wellbeing, feeling empowered to make the necessary lifestyle changes. Some techniques are complementary (can be used with prescription medication, especially to prevent the nutritional cost of many medicines), and some are alternative (to use rather than, or instead of, mainstream prescription drugs).

Natural integrative medicine uses modalities like biological system support (e.g. dietary, nutriceutical food supplements and herbal remedies) to manage diseases like diabetes and fibromyalgia; group support to change habits associated with e.g. obesity, diabetes and heart disease; chiropractic manipulation and relaxation techniques to reduce pain, to name but a few.

The practices and techniques we offer at the Healthy Living Space, that most patients find helpful include:

  • Integrative medicine consultations – Health Coaching – an overview and assessment of your current health status, what you’d like to change, discussion of best options for you to return to optimal health. We take a comprehensive history, do an InBody body composition screening, heart health analysis with our in house comprehensive finger prick blood tests and blood pressure, adding laboratory blood tests as necessary – e.g. insulin, vitamin D status, liver and kidney function, etc.
  • Specific personalised herbal remedies using practical Kinesiology of what your own body needs at any particular time.
  • Specific micronutrient combinations (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, bioflavonoids, minerals) to support your body’s natural healing abilities and processes.
  • Timeless DNA™ Program (Serum, Heart-Brain-Body Support & Antioxidant and Youthful Living Program) to support longevity, cell rejuvenation and optimal health – aimed at the ‘baby boomers’ born more or less between 1946 and 1964
  • Mind-body coaching (relaxation practices) – Mind Solutions and Stress Solutions Courses
  • Interactive guided imagery, music and creative exploration
  • Massage therapy
  • Holistic psychotherapy

Allow Dr Arien to help you understand the difference to make the right choice for you:

  • 30 years’ medical and natural medicine expertise to coach you to optimal health and support your journey into healing.
  • Proven expert in the field: author of many articles and books on natural medicine, stress management and wellness.
  • There are natural options to treat every illness and chronic disease
  • Comprehensive health risk and heart age assessment on premises – incl. cholesterol HDL, LDL, triglycerides, blood pressure, blood sugar, stress questionnaire.
  • Body-mind approach – the body achieves what the mind believes.
  • Supplements formulated & developed by medical doctor specialising in natural, integrative medicine
  • Health Shop: In-House, Online, Email or Telephone Orders for your convenience

Before using “natural” remedies ascertain the following:

  • Will it support the body’s own natural healing processes
  • Can it be used with your prescribed medication
  • Most prescription drugs cause nutritional deficiencies. Will the natural remedies prevent this in a complementary fashion.
  • Does it include: herbal remedies, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, bioflavonoids etc.
  • Can they provide natural alternative options for disease and acute illness
  • Does the provider ensure that micronutrients are present in optimal amounts
  • Can they provide specialist advice on natural remedies

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We understand the importance of your health, therefore our entire focus is on meeting these criteria

Disclaimer: In a sincere effort to support people everywhere in their journey to the natural human state of health and happiness, Dr Arien endeavours to the best of her abilities, training and experience, to only choose well researched and safe herbal remedies and nutriceuticals to support the body’s natural physiology and functioning. Specific recommendations are made either during personal consultation, or email consultation, based on completion of a very specific questionnaire to assess health and stress status, nutrition, exercise, medical history, recent blood chemistry and prescription drugs currently in use, to determine possible interactions and correct tapering of medication if requested. It is therefore every individual’s responsibility to learn about their own health and wellbeing, in order to choose whether they prefer a more natural path to health and wellbeing. Health is not only about taking natural remedies, or prescription drugs for that matter, but also considering the deeper causal issues of trapped emotions, mental and spiritual wellbeing, while taking appropriate measures to live a balanced lifestyle.

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