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Natural Medicine Feedback

The following is a summary of Natural Medicine Feedback from one of our clients.

Natural Medicine FeedbackDecember 2014

My journey to wellness

In July 2014, I had difficulty breathing and was diagnosed with asthma by my GP, who put me on antihistamines, corticosteroid inhalants and Ventalin. My body rebelled and went into total anxiety, sleeplessness, causing my throat to close up. I then got Candida in my throat and consequently consulted Dr Arien, who very gently and reassuringly confirmed that my condition can be treated with natural medicine and emotional release work. I was also given her books (‘Stress Solutions’ and ‘Health & Happiness’) and her relaxation CD. After 2 months of being on Dr Arien’s treatment I am back to my old self. This was the result of a very holistic treatment and rectification of my problem. I cannot recommend strongly enough for anyone with health challenges, to consult with Dr Arien, who can support you in restoring your wellness again without the really bad side effects of so many of the medications that are prescribed. – GM

Live Blood Analysis Feedback

October 2014

I found it very interesting. I amLive Blood Analysis taking the things Dr Arien prescribed for my blood and want to come for a follow-up in about 2 weeks and see if my blood profile changes. / ‘Ek het die dag baie interessant gevind. Ek neem die goed wat Dr Arien vir my voorgestel het, en sal graag weer ‘n afspraak wil maak om te sien wat die resultate sal wees oor so twee weke’. – ZN


‘An awesome way to assess your cells and find imbalances in order to restore physiology.’ / ‘n Asemrowende manier om jou selle te bestudeer en wanbalanse te identifiseer, sodat die fisiologie weer herstel kan word – HvR 

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