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Accredited for 5 CPD points

After completing this 3 hour workshop, you should have a clear idea of:

  • The need for natural / integrative approaches in practice
  • Cornerstones and key systems support
  • The difference between disease management and health / wellness promotion
  • The natural medicine road to health and wellness
  • Ailments and illnesses as teachers and guides

The main aim is to learn about natural medicine with its important contribution and potential benefits in support of the wellness philosophy which is eclectic, integrative, and trans disciplinary. The course would be of value to anybody interested in natural medicine and wellness, but in particular for those in the following fields: all the medical and health consulting disciplines, wellness practitioners, nursing professions, occupational health, human resource and employee assistance, paramedics, psychology, biokinetics, human movement sciences, spiritual & religious work, nutrition, medical aid and medical insurance representatives, child care, government, education, complementary / alternative health arena, social workers and recreational consultants.

The objectives of this course is to provide the practitioner with an introductory awareness of:

  • theoretical and practical information combined with practical experience of natural medicine;
  • the ability to advise clients on the use of natural medicine;
  • the ability to apply theoretical knowledge coupled with practical experience to the solution of treating or managing stress and ailments/illnesses, as well as guidelines and principles for health promotion and management;
  • the opportunity to recommend evidenced based natural medicine;
  • the opportunity to provide information to the ever increasing demand from the public on stress management, natural medicine and alternative treatment options. It is in the public interest for wellness practitioners to become more knowledgeable regarding the use of well researched, evidenced based natural remedies, to provide them with information based on common sense and scientific research. WP’s are in the ideal position to guide and advise patients / clients. WP’s have to develop at least some basic practical skills in advising, guiding and prescribing natural medicine to their appreciative patients / clients. This workshop will provide you with an introductory awareness and some skills and know-how.

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