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I’d like to share some of the wellness practices I’ve been doing lately. They do work well if you stick with them, always keeping in mind the 3 P’s (practice, patience, perseverance), and one GNF (good natured flexibility)! For me, GNF is the most important to remember. If you stumble, simply get up and start anew, one tiny step at a time. It’s not what we do once in a while that matters, but what we do on a daily basis. Therefore, if you do something that harms your health, let it go, forgive yourself, and go back to your healthy habits. This is especially true for me after many years of constantly trying, being too hard on myself, with my own health challenge of borderline metabolic syndrome, especially the weighty part!

Self love, kindness and compassion towards oneself, are the essential initial ingredients for any journey into healing!

1. Listen to your own body. Reclaim your inner power and reconnect to yourself.

Become aware of, and let go of the monkey chatter thoughts of the ego mind, mostly occuring in the parietal lobes of the left brain, in the high tension beta brainwave state, as this will distort your perception. Learn to listen deeply, by connecting through the right brain, to the delta brain waves of whole brain entrainment, to access the inner knowing that will show you how to re-establish health and wholeness. Find the protection, nurturing and comfort within, rather than from something or someone outside of yourself. This is easier said than done, because the more superficial, fear based programming sent to the little people (every one of your 50 trillion cells is an intelligent tiny being), are easily triggered, as it has become an inlaid brain pattern, established over many years and many generations of our ancestors, we tend to use as our default setting, hence the 3 P’s and GNF to reprog ram!

The biggest hurdle all of us have to overcome, is fear. It is insidious, deeply ingrained in our psyches, even appearing to be real and logical. This is true for our health, but also for our sense of lack and separation, fearing for our lives and all our stuff, there not being enough for everyone, so we have to fight for our slice of the pie. This is wrong thinking, creating a wrong belief and therefore manifestation! We are free, whole sovereign souls embodied in a physical body whose original God/Source/Higher Self purpose,  is to be happy, whole (root word of health), joyful and free!

I saw an acquaintance the other day, who wanted to discuss her recently diagnosed breast cancer. She is widely read and also a psychologist who understands about energy healing and taking self responsibility. She was keen to explore the underlying, deeply unconscious emotionally linked, cell memories connected to breast cancer. However, although she has been reading up and exploring various healing options, she has been talking too much to her doctors, listening to all the contradicting advice from the supposed authorities and experts, falling into deep fear and uncertainty, completely forgetting that her natural state is health, and how to listen to her own body, reclaiming her own power over her own health and wellbeing. It may seem simple a dvice, ‘listen to what your body wants’, but it is, initially, difficult and takes tremendous courage to move beyond the fear, enabling us to connect to our deep, inner selves, to re-establish the connection to the inner, or higher, self who knows. We too readily get lost in the stormy surface waves of the ocean of fear, or our default brain pattern, going up and down in ever worsening despair and uncertainty.

So my first wellness practice, is to become aware of, and feel this fear, sit with it, find where it is located in your body, and notice how it changes, like all emotions do if we pay attention to them. Don’t resist the feeling. Be with it, let it wash through and out of you, and drop through the layers to reach, even for a moment, an awareness of a deep place inside yourself. A place of quiet and peace. Then ask, from within this space, what the right choices for you are. Believe it to be true, and be firm and sure. Then go into the world well harnessed with an inner bubble of golden protection, and you won’t be swayed by those who believe the right way is to scare people into making fear based choices, that are not in their own best interest. Choose from within the ways to enhance and restore your natural state: health and wholeness, living in joy and inner peace, doing what you love, rat her than working for a living.

2. Sun gazing.

This is one of the greatest practices I’ve started doing in recent years! The sun’s light is healing and energising. For those interested in the pineal gland, it helps to reawaken this very important, but mostly dormant, gland in the middle of the human brain. The practice has to be done within the first half hour of sunrise, or the last half hour before sunset. You stare directly into the sun, while standing comfortably, starting with 10 seconds only, gradually increasing it by 10 seconds every day, until you do it for about 25 minutes a day. I am now gazing for 20 minutes in the morning, while doing my breathing, yoga, balancing and weight training exercises. Click hereto download the free eBook on Living on Sunlight.

3. Breathing.

Breathe deeply to connect with this moment. Allow the breath to enter every cell, align your spine and be grateful for this life; feel the breath of life (chi, prana, life force) in your whole being, invigorating every single cell, and everyone of the 50 trillion molecular geniuses that make up your physical form. Exhale all the fear and worries into a neutralising bubble. Breathe in your surroundings, taste the air and the freshness of the day, see the birds and butterflies. This is not a cliché! We allow the beauty of life in each moment,to pass us by in our constant busy-ness. A few moments of breath and sense awareness can make all the difference to your day.

4. Moving.

Dancing is a wonderful, joyful, life affirming way to reconnect with your body and to feel good, grateful for your physical form that allows you to experience such joy. Put on some music you love, flowing or fast, and simply move to the beating of your own inner drum.

5. Fasting.

When you’ve been overdoing the rich eating, food bit, or simply to give your digestion a break, a one day fast can do wonders to restore your inner equilibrium (homeostasis). I often choose Mondays to drink only fresh, clean water with a few drops of fresh lemon juice, a bit of grated fresh ginger, a sprig of fresh mint from my healing garden, and a hint of honey for some sweetness. I also take 2 milk thistle capsules to support the liver’s detoxification function.

6. Relationship – kindness, love as energy.

The most important relationship is the inner/outer relationship with yourself. Self love, self care and compassion, should be the primary message you send to the little people, or 50 trillion molecular geniuses inside your body. They respond to your thoughts leading to emotions, also called peptides or molecules of emotion. These bind to receptors on your cell membranes, in their turn, sending messages to the interior of the cell, right into the DNA inside the cell nucleus. Your cells’ ability to function is directly dependant on the messages they receive, whether these are consciously, or unconsciously, generated and then transmitted. Deeply unconscious feelings of unworthiness, guilt, despair, resentment and anger, send these feelings into cells. Which cell would then be able to do its natural, health enhancing, harmonious duty of assisting you in feeling optimally healthy, vitally alive and jo yful, free to choose what is right for you? You are, after all, your own best authority, if your choices are based on love.

Great daily healing practice no 6. is to send yourself deeply felt (and believed!), regular messages of appreciation, love, safety, compassion and kindness. Your body will respond in kind, as will everyone around you.

7. Try a new creative activity.

Design and plant a small, manageable herbal garden in pots or in your garden; learn to play a musical instrument; rearrange your furniture. Or try art. My 2 daughters and I recently enrolled for a one day, intuitive art workshop. It was an incredible experience to share with them, and made me realise anew that we all have a creative genius inside just yearning to be allowed expression.

Gradually incorporate these practices into your life, one by one, even only one every month, with the intention of reconnecting to the inner self who knows what you need, and being guided from there as to know what’s best for you.

Until next time.

In love and kindness


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