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My Fat Loss Struggles & Solutions

Get these tips and more when joining our Weight Control Clinic. We assist you on your fat loss journey. See ‘My Fabulous Fat Loss Journey‘ here. It will help you out with yours. Let us help you by supporting you, motivating you and giving you advice plus solutions for your fat loss struggles.


Due to working hard I forgot to drink enough water. I then only started drinking my water around 19h00 on one of the days, this made me go to the loo that entire night. Throughout this journey water intake is a problem, but I am working on it.

Solution: Drink more water throughout the day. I now down 500-750ml when I wake up and ensure my water bottle (1L) is finished by 17h and then I drink another glass or two at night. Another option: by 12h 1L needs to be finished, then by 17h another 1L needs to be done. You can also have herbal teas instead of water only. Remember: coffee and normal tea should be limited to 2 cups per day in total and it doesn’t count as water. 

Skipping meals

Also due to life happening, I skipped meals and therefore decreased my metabolic rate. If I at least ate the 3 meals my fat loss would have been more for the 5 days and my muscle would increased, rather than decreased. 

Solution: eat at least the amount of food for 3 meals. Whether you prefer eating only twice a day, due to intermittent fasting, or 6 times a day; make sure you are eating 3 of the options in our EatSMART Guide. Throughout the program I focus on eating more after week 1, if I struggle I drink the Legit Hot Chocolate to increase my calories for the day.

The Cravings

The cravings already started. Cold weather also makes cravings worse.

Solution: I will get our Appetrol (appetite suppressant that help with sugar cravings) to assist. Cravings are generally related to water intake. If you don’t take in enough water, you get cravings. So ensure you have 250ml water per 10kg of body weight (e.g. if you weigh 70kg, you need 7 glasses of water). Down a glass of water when you get a craving, it generally subsides after that.

Stress & Sleep

A lot of stress: becoming partner in WCC and opening a new branch in Hermanus. We had to train a consultant in Hermanus to do what I do: provide support, motivation, advice and ideas. Any new thing is overwhelming, so remember if you have a new venture/responsibility it is important to challenge yourself. This is how we grow and evolve and becoming stronger and wiser. Due to becoming co-owner of The Weight Control Clinic and opening a new branch in Hermanus, the stress levels are quite high. I have been struggling with getting my 8 hours in this week. Sleeping is also when the body recovers after a busy day, so try to get enough sleep in.

Solution: Try our Calcium & Magnesium Balance for this as well as our SleepWELL drops if that doesn’t help on its own. I did this and my sleep improved form Thursday onwards.


Fruits & Veggies

I did not eat enough veggies and salads (from our unlimited list). Our program is not a high protein eating plan; it is LCHF (low carb, healthy fats/oils). We encourage lots of veggies and limited fruits, however for week 1 you cannot have fruit. This is to decrease blood sugar and insulin levels; as well as detoxing the body. From week 2 onwards it was great including some berries in my yoghurt options.

Solution: ensure that you are eating veggies or salad for at least two meals per day. Remember to take your Heart Brain Body Support & Antioxidant supplement if you are not getting your 5-9 portions of fruit and veggies daily.



Tuesday (Day 2) I visited a friend, challenge: they had alcohol (I just had coffee and water). Now this is my weakness. For someone it might be chocolates or sweets or others bread or pizza. Alcohol is my challenge, I love my wine… I am super proud of myself for not having one sip of alcohol in the first week. I even had a braai until 2h00 in the morning, without having any alcohol. Yay, me! Alcohol is not the enemy, in moderation it may be good for you, however if you want to lose fat, it is not an option. Especially not for the first week of our Weight Control Clinic Program. Congratulations were in order for Week 2, I became an official partner in The Weight Control Clinic. This meant I celebrated a bit too much with the bubbly and red wine. Week 3 was even more challenging, I just drank red wine on the Thursday and way too much on the Saturday. 

Solution: Drink Schweppes Zero Sugar Indian Tonic or the Legit Rock Sandy recipe. I have decided the following: for me to stick with My Fabulous Fat Loss Journey I will include alcohol once or twice a week, in moderation of course. That means one to two 250ml carafe’s a week. You can do the same, just know your fat loss will go slower compared to using no alcohol. If you choose to have alcohol ensure to work it into your calories per day and make sure you exercise enough (then you can get away with it). If you don’t drink alcohol, the same counts for carbs or junk food (once a week), if you exercise. General rule: no exercise = no cheats (alcohol or carbs or junk food)

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