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My Fabulous Fat Loss Journey 2: Wine Not?

The Wine and Dine Disaster

Written by Anri van Rooyen

Fat Loss Journey Wine notI am now past my 3 week mark with ‘My Fabulous Fat Loss Journey’, click here for my first entry. So far so good, I am standing at 1.6kg of fat loss in less than 3 weeks, check out my body composition changes.

Oops, I had to much wine this past week…

I thought I experienced all the challenges in week one, but I was wrong. It got way worse. This past week, the wine was a huge challenge (to say the least). I visited a friend on Thursday (Day 18) and had 3 glasses of red wine, I felt it hard on Friday (Day 19). Then on the Saturday (Day 20), I had 3 glasses of sparkling wine (at a baby shower I might add) and 3-4 glasses of red wine that night (impromptu girls night, we haven’t had a girls night in ages, so we went all night – thinking we were still at University ;P).

I wasn’t joking when I said I love wine! The problem is I have a high tolerance for it as well. On Sunday I felt extremely hung over to say the least, or should I rather say I was seriously infected by wine flu? Worst part was I wanted to eat everything. And this is the biggest problem with alcohol, not only the empty calories you are consuming when you have it, but the intense cravings you experience the next day. I was craving Steers badly…but I conquered the war and ended up settling for ½ a Club Sandwich from Woolworths. Not too shabby, 100 times better than fast food, a healthy brown bread sandwich!Wine flu

Recently, I have not been drinking so often, making the hangovers even worse. This is not a bad thing! After Saturday, I am not drinking those copious amounts of alcohol anytime soon. So there is a blessing in disguise, even if it was a very terrible wine flu… This week the emotional eating, or rather drinking in my case, came into play. I am working through our Mind Solutions Course to help me find my triggers and work through sabotaging myself. From the course: ‘I, Anri, agree to act like my own best friend. If I think unkind or mean thoughts about myself, I promise to stop and ask myself: ‘Would I say that to my best friend?’ Remember for me it is wine, for you it might be a food addiction…

Click here to see my solutions to all the challenges I am facing on our program. As you will see, there are always solutions, you just need to find them. You can also visit us for support and motivation, we love to help you find solutions!

Revolutionary Recipe

You’ve got to try this one, it is mind blowing: Cauliflower Grilled Cheese Sandwich. This is an excellent carb alternative to a grilled cheese sandwich. Your protein for this meal is definitely the cheese. Do not have cheese for the rest of the day… I made this on Friday (Day 12). Click here for My Fabulous Food to see what I ate daily…

The Fat Loss Journey, The Change

In short: I am following our EatSMART Guide with our highly effective nutraceuticals to increase fat burning. I am also following my FitSMART Guide (I developed it with our EatSMART Guide for optimal results). Start slowly by at least doing 3x exercise sessions for Week 1 and working your way up gradually to 5 or 6 days a week. Luckily, the workouts are a habit for me after 3 weeks. I feel great and already toned. I am performing 7 minutes (app) 4-5 times a week and doing 4-5 FitSMART Workouts per week. Click here for My Fabulous FunFitness to see what exercise I did in detail.

What is your poison? Is it alcohol, carbs, sweets, cakes or all of the above? Let us help you manage them with our Mind Solutions course.

Let me know what you think

Anri xxx



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