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Practice mindfulness

On waking, spend a few moments lying in bed. Enjoy the delight of the fresh morning air, the sparkle of early sunlight, the sound of birds. Sense the life flowing through your body. Notice your breath, the pulsing of blood in your fingertips, the tug of gravity upon your arms, legs, and trunk. Take a few deep slow breaths. This is a good time to write in your journal – dreams, thoughts, ideas, feelings. Appreciate the signs of new life, the start of a new season, around you. Give thanks for your bed, your good night’s rest, your family, friends, the abundance of life around you.

Get out of bed slowly, observing the shift in your center of balance as you move into an upright position. Stand erect, without strain. Feel your feet on the ground. Become aware of your whole body. Go about the early morning’s activities with mindfulness, really experiencing them with all your senses. Cultivate serenity early in the morning and carry the feeling with you throughout the day. We control how we respond to irritations, worries, doubts and fears. Preparing the mind like this, calmly centers you throughout the day.

Spend a few minutes every morning in quiet contemplation such as a sitting meditation. Create your special space – a meditation stool, or cushion, or a comfortable chair, crystals, colourful candles, soft music or the silence of a perfect day.

  • You can eat, drink, or walk mindfully by focusing exclusively on eating, drinking, or walking.
  • Stop and notice your breath at various times throughout the day.
  • Cultivate a sense of being, rather than always feeling like you have to be doing something.

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