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Mind-Body Coaching™ Course with Dr Arien

Available In-house, as Personal Consultations, at your Workplace and Online

Dr Arien van der Merwe is a Medical Doctor and Author Specialising in Mind-Body, Holistic, Integrative Medicine & Health Promotion                                                                                                 

‘We teach best what we most have to learn’

What is Mind-Body Coaching™

Mind-Body Coaching™ or mentoring is the practice of comprehensive support, education and life enhancement, incorporating mind, body, emotions, spiritual and personal aspects of each individual, all within a coaching context, to enhance the wellbeing of individuals and groups, by facilitating the achievement of life and wellbeing related goals.

Coaching or mentoring has become a very effective tool to help improve performance and productivity, manage stress and optimise wellbeing, achieve work related, as well as personal health and wellbeing goals, while being on the ever human quest for meaning and purpose in life.

mind-body coachingCoaching is about unlocking everyone’s own inner healing potential, to maximise their own performance, while helping them to learn (rather than being taught). It is the art of facilitation and ongoing support to improve performance, as well as the development of skills through a form of tutoring, mentoring or instruction. The aim of Mind-Body™ coaching or mentoring, is to enhance wellbeing and full potential development in personal and work life.

Coaching or mentoring is a fluid and adaptable process, continuously adjusted to the client’s needs and progress, which is both goal and solution focused. A spiral flow process is followed, circling in and out, learning, growing, falling back, recovering and going on in an ever evolving process.

To clarify and simplify, I have developed a core, integrative and holistic framework to guide both the individual and group coaching path and purpose with lucidity, simplicity and always practical. Compare it to the complexities we see in nature. The intricate lace of every unique snowflake. The curves and curls of new ferns’ unfolding leaves. The curves of the human ear, replicated in a conch shell. The leaves and core of a flower and the galaxies of newly forming planets and stars. Each of these wonders of nature are unique, coming from vastly different environments, each serving a different purpose. Yet each of them is designed on the same basic framework: Fractals, or the Fibonacci sequence we find in every living creature, from crystals to the development of human embryo’s. These fractals are simply a framework of repeating specific sequences, a simple pattern or mathematical equation over and over in an ongoing feedback loop. It can seem unbelievable that such a simple framework is the foundation of designing such complex things in nature that each possesses its own unique beauty and purpose in this world. But it works! We’ll be following your Life Fractals throughout the Mind-Body Coaching™ process.

The Mind-Body Coaching™ Wheel used as basis for the individual and group 12 Step Coaching Processmind-body-coaching






Recommendation from Onica Lewis, Project Manager and Program Developer, who recently completed the Mind-Body Coaching™ Course with Dr Arien

Positive mind and stress solutions ensure a healthy mind and body

As someone that has been treated for various stress related illnesses by many health practitioners, the books at the counter of my local health centre immediately appealed to me. ‘Stress Solutions’, ‘Managing Diabetes & Related Health Challenges’ and ‘Health and Happiness’, written by medical doctor and author Dr Arien van der Merwe. I bought them and after reading through them for a while, I decided to consult with the author and we started working together on the ‘Optimise Your Health & Wellbeing in Only 12 Weeks’ Health Coaching, and more recently, the Mind-Body Coaching™ course.

Dr Arien implemented the desired positive changes by mentoring and coaching me, providing gentle guidance, while facilitating the balancing of my mind, body and soul. These sessions assisted in removing limiting barriers and trapped emotions, while rewriting thought patterns, as well as integrating the left and the right brain allowing the two hemispheres to work together for effective whole brain functioning. Einstein’s dictum ‘ the whole is more than the sum of its parts’ really became a practical reality to me!

Stress is created in the mind and we addressed it using various exercises as well as Dr Arien’s relaxation CD, transforming and shifting negative situations into positive ones.

The sessions assisted me in reshaping my thinking, making better choices and opening up for better and new, opportunities and choices, as well as getting back my mental and emotional baseline – my body followed.

Some examples of the exercises included were a daily journal and relaxation practice, a creativity box, a gratitude list and a list of what brings me joy as well as learning to set boundaries. We also considered and adjusted my eating habits and exercise program, and I was advised on using the correct natural food supplements and herbal remedies.

I can honestly highly recommend the health coaching, solution based sessions: it has renewed my mindset, restored my vitality, strength and energy and overall I have the ability to enjoy quality of life.

Many thanks

Onica Lewis


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