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Within each of us is a ray of light, flowing from within the depth of our being.
When this light penetrates our consciousness, we stand in that perfect moment on the true path of our life.
This true path is what we are all looking for in everything we do and everything we pursue.
From: ‘Finding Our Way’ by Robert Rabbin

To lead a wellness lifestyle, we need to maintain balance and harmony in all levels of our human existence: the physical, emotional, mental and soul bodies. This of course, would also include the occupational body or aspect of our being. Work life and spiritual or soul life cannot be separated. Soul is the manifestation and expression of universal spirit in each individual person, in the larger earth community and in the world around us. The soul is our inner being, our psyche, the part that exists beyond time and space. Soul provides us with a sense of knowing that we belong as part of the universe, giving us our sense of deeper meaning and our awareness of our purpose and goal in this life.
Some general guidelines and ideas:
  • Your work should reflect your values and beliefs: always try to be committed to soul values not only in your personal life, but also in your work ethic. Thomas Moore in his book ‘Care of the Soul’, suggests that an alternative way of choosing a profession might be with soul in mind. Questions to ask before accepting a position: ”What is the spirit in this workplace? Will I be treated like a person here? Is there a feeling of community? Do people love their work? Is what we’re doing and producing worthy of my commitment and long hours? Are there any moral problems in the job or workplace – making things detrimental to people or to the earth, taking excessive profits or contributing to racial and sexist oppression? It is not possible to care for the soul in one’s work situation while violating or disregarding one’s own moral sensibility”.
  • You can always choose the way in which you do your work: with enjoyment, enthusiasm, kindness, peace and humility, to bring spirituality into your workplace. Your mind set has an influence on the people around you, it can even change the atmosphere in your workplace if one person is committed to act from the soul’s core values – not in a judgemental, ‘I know better than you’ or ‘I’m spiritual and you’re just a poor sinner’ kind of attitude, but in an honest, caring, accepting one.
  • Wellness lifestyle in the workplaceCreate a special sacred corner in your office, cubicle or work area, filled with your own meaningful symbols to help you focus and contemplate in mindful awareness on the purpose and joy of your life’s work. Be aware of the influence of colour in your work life. Be inspired by your surroundings.
  • Become aware of your fears, worries and irritations at work – they may hold you back from spiritual growth, but if you notice the seeds of potential growth and self knowledge found in these daily irritations, they might actually help you grow – why do you feel angry at this or that, why are you irritated, why are you afraid? An effective mantra to repeat to yourself whenever you feel swamped by work and worry: ‘Let go, let God’.
  • Come closer to God and your spiritual essence through your action in the world – work is your soul’s purpose and part of its physical manifestation in your world.
  • Experience creative flow in your life: Concentrate fully on what you’re doing. Have a clear goal in mind. ” Have a task that is matched to your abilities and interests for the greater part of each day. Go beyond self-consciousness on how well you’re doing. Enjoy each activity for its own sake, not just for the results.
  • Experience the sacred in everyday life: Money is a form of energy that can be used as assistance or obstruction on your spiritual path – the way you regard it is your choice. Tune into the stillness and peace within your own soul. Notice the beauty around you with a sense of wonder: in nature (look through your office window, walk in the park during lunch break), in others, in art (contemplate the special picture or painting you hang on your office wall), in music, in your own being.
  • Some key elements for a soulful life at work and at home:
    • self-honesty and humility,
    • a sense of humour,
    • courage and fearlessness to move beyond your own,
    • your tribe’s or society’s limitations,
    • rules that don’t work for you any longer,
    • be kind to yourself and to others.
    • be sincere and curious with a sense of wonder and an open mind,
    • be ready and willing to explore new horizons and ideas

We are human beings, not only human doings!

Take time out every day to sit quietly and reflect – at work and at home. To experience nature: your root and nourishment, and your own breath: the source of your life energy. – Arien vd Merwe

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