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Health Stress Management (Pty) Ltd is a company that facilitates the individual’s exploration towards integrative wellness. This would include balancing the mind, body, emotions, soul, social & occupational aspects of health. Aspects of wellness: understanding nutrition; anti-ageing & longevity; herbs & supplements; movement; natural alternatives to treating various diseases; stress management; mind power & mind-set; emotional healing; dealing with anger, fear and worry; releasing the passions: celebrating life with creativity, productivity, a sense of purpose and wellbeing.

Taking care of the worried well before they become worried sick!

Reaching the Core in a world which demands an ‘instant fix’, symptoms, rather than the source of disease, are quickly disposed of. Symptoms will, however, return again and again to drain energy, vitality and enthusiasm for life if inner healing options are not explored. Health Stress Management (Pty) Ltd facilitates the personal search beyond the physical surface where frustrations, fears and discontent sabotage our peace of mind and happiness.

An integrative whole being approach to HIV/Aids

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Excellent Course for achieving deep Theta and Conscious Delta

  This revolutionary training system was the first to train students to enter the Delta State rapidly and remain fully conscious in that state of mind. This allows you to deeply influence thought and reality. What was once only achieved after a lifetime of training by advanced Yoga and Zen masters, can now be easily attained by you with our Training System.

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