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A cost effective workplace wellness solution to manage metabolic syndrome

Many companies are starting to realise that metabolic syndrome is becoming an even bigger threat to productivity and employee wellbeing, than HIV.

 We cannot control what we inherit from our ancestors, but we can control how we think and feel, learn and practice how to change our lifestyle and behaviour, what we eat, how we move or exercise, how we manage our stress, thereby allowing our bodies to eventually respond to the changed behaviour and brain re-patterning, rather than the genetic code in our inherited DNA. At present more than 150 million people worldwide have metabolic syndrome, expected to rise to 300 million by 2020. Compared to 35 million HIV + worldwide, with 22 million of those in Africa, it is a clear indication that metabolic syndrome is a major health crisis that has to be addressed.


The many disorders associated with metabolic syndrome are increasing, because of an ever increasing awareness of the biochemistry involved, as well as the global increase in obesity. The following are some of the associated disorders that we know now: hypertension, type II diabetes, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, stroke, cataracts, colon cancer, depression, prostate cancer, breast cancer, gall bladder disease, and lower extremity arthritis in obese patients. These disorders used to be associated with the ageing process or were grouped together as chronic diseases of lifestyle. Even today, chronic use of various medications is the standard treatment for these problems. The costs of those medications and their side effects are astronomical.Not only would health coaching help people to eat better, feel and move better, think better, and learn to practice deep relaxation and deep healing, but ultimately teach new ways of thinking, and brain re-patterning or re-programming. It will also reduce the need for costly, chronic use of medications, while reducing side effects and controlling long term cost.


Obesity, insulin resistance and all the other health challenges associated with metabolic syndrome, can be reversed by health coaching that also addresses the deeper mental-emotional issues with regular deep relaxation, deeply felt positive affirmations and guided imagery, a simple formula of 15-20 minutes enjoyable movement daily, and a healthy, low GI eating plan consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, high quality protein, and adequate amounts of omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Metabolic syndrome is a lifestyle disease consisting of the following symptoms occurring together: high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol and other blood lipids, high fasting insulin (insulin resistance) and/or high blood sugar (Diabetes mellitus), and obesity, especially abdominal.


Health coaching for individuals and groups, private or in a workplace setting, is a very effective and sustainable wellness intervention leading to brain re-patterning, ongoing education and lasting behaviour change.


Health coaching will help you effectively manage physical, mental-emotional and spiritual dis-ease, health risks (e.g. high blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar, or early changes identified during health screenings) and high stress levels (distress), as a truly preventative intervention, thereby providing sustainable and lasting integrative health solutions, ultimately leading to a healthier and happier workplace, workforce, communities and individuals.


While increasingly recognised as a powerful modality in the workplace, personal and family life, to improve sports performance, executive health and self actualisation, the use of coaching in a health context remains relatively new and mostly unexplored territory.

Health Coaching: 12 weeks to wellness

 Health coaching can be done via individual consultations, for workplace groups and also as an e-learning course. Health coaching is suitable for anyone with a chronic health challenge or disease (e.g. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, depression, cancer, etc.); a high risk for developing such (e.g. positive family history, high or high normal blood screening tests, early or later changes in breast & full body thermograms, etc.) as well as metabolic syndrome, weight management problems, chronic fatigue syndrome and mental-emotional or psycho-spiritual concerns (e.g. looking for meaning and purpose, feeling ‘stuck’ or blocked).

 A typical health coaching facilitation process will include six group, individual or e-mail consultations with the health coach:

  1.  Consultation: Intro, discussion of process, specific needs & requirements on your healing journey, questions, what to read and learn. The journal process. Healthy eating and exercise plan. Week by week program explained. Biological evaluation: Blood profile requested as necessary, or previous tests reviewed and discussed.
  2. Discussion of blood profile 2 weeks after 1. Stress management techniques, brain re-patterning, emotional healing process discussed and demonstrated. Nutriceuticals & botanical medicine recommended and prescribed. Journal process progress.
  3. Three interim individual or e-mail consultations with the health coach for emotional release process work, practical deep relaxation sessions (one on one, or via CD’s for e-course participants) for left to right brain re-patterning & journal work. (More sessions can be booked if required).
  4. Closure and way forward. Done after the 4 month repeat blood screening, risk assessments.
  5. Weekly group support sessions (only for those that can come to Pretoria, or monthly at other venues in South Africa)
  6. Books: Stress Solutions & Health & Happiness. Journal to accompany you on your healing journey.
  7. CD: Relax & Unwind for Body-Mind Resonance. CD with guided imagery and deep relaxation exercises.
  8. Nutriceuticals for 3 months, if necessary, depending on screening results (discounts on regular price)

Reading & listening reference list provided for further study. Ongoing support sessions for motivation and sustainability of new, learned healthy behaviour and habits, are available.

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