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June/July 2021: ‘Lose2Win’ Competition

If you’ve been waiting for that sign to help you lose fat, here it is! This is our 11th ‘Lose 2 Win’ Competition and it is a great motivator to help you get back on track on your fat loss journey. Only 12 weeks to optimal health!

Enroll now, win big and become part of our Wall of Fame (if they can do it, so can you)! You’ve got nothing to lose, except fat of course! Let us help you reach your health goals this season.  

New Competition Dates

Starting Date: 1 June 2021 (closing date for entries: 16 July 2021)

End Date: 12 weeks after starting date (last weigh in: 8 September 2021)


First Prize: Ways2Wellness Go Green Package [First prize worth R9577] 

Second Prize: Ways2Wellness Basic Blue package [Second prize worth R5757]

Third Prize: Health Hamper (valued at R1500) & our Mindful Living Plan [Third prize worth R3000]

How to enroll

As easy as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1: Make an appointment to come and see us.

Step 2: Join our program

Choose one of the following Offers: 

2.1. Month to Month (purchased for 3 or 4 consecutive months): One Month Standard Package @ R4450 – Value R5700

This package includes the following:

4x fat loss injections & weigh-ins, 1x Appetrol, 1x Timeless DNA Heart Brain Body Support & Antioxidant, 1x Fat Loss Drops, 1x InBody Assessment

To support you in your weight/fat loss efforts and for you to make a commitment to yourself, we have decided to give an even better discount:

2.2 10-Week Rapid Fat Loss Package @ R8400 – Value R12350

This package is the same as number 2.1, but for 2 consecutive months plus 2x additional injections (thus 10 injections instead of only 8 injections)

‘Lose 2 Win’ Competition Special Offer (only valid if you join the competition):

***2.3 Three Month Once Off Package @ R9765 (normal price = R10850) – Value R14100

This package is the same as number 2.1, but for 3 consecutive months

Buy now:


2.4 Four Month Once Off Package @ R14250 – Value R17150

This package is the same as number 2.1, but for 4 consecutive months

Step 3: Make sure you comply with the following terms & conditions to be able to stand a chance to win and receive the special discount: 

  1. All entrants in the competition have to enroll in our Weight Control Clinic Program for the duration of three (3) or four (4) consecutive months by choosing between the packages in Step 2. 
  2. Make sure you have signed the competition agreement form.
  3. before and after photo must be taken and may be used for marketing purposes.
  4. All entrants must come for final weigh-ins and InBody assessments on or before 8 September 2021.
  5. A minimum weight loss of 5 kg is required, to be considered when results are compared.
  6. The InBody is crucial for the results to be compared. The winner will win based on fat loss
  7. All entrants have to give feedback on their journey.
  8. Results will be gathered and the winners will be announced by 31 September 2021. Prizes can be redeemed by 28 October 2021. 

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