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At-Clinic Weight Control Clinic Programs

We do it best by now with more than 40 years experience and successful weight loss history!

Our At-Clinic Weight Control Clinic Program options are ideally suited if you need additional motivation, support, advice, personal recommendation and attention. We are with you, in person, every step of the way. It is also ideal if you are looking for faster results with our all natural, safe fat loss injections and if you prefer check-ups to help you stay on track. We highly recommend one of these options if you are new to healthy living or if you need to lose more than 5 kg. The in-house options are available from our Online Health Shop, or at our premises in Pretoria and Hermanus (click here to contact us). 


Some of our At-Clinic options include weekly fat loss injections and support sessions (booking essential) that is crucial for ongoing motivation, advice and personal recommendations. We also teach you the necessary holistic (mind, body and soul) skills and techniques to change your lifestyle for the better – this is crucial for long term success. Healthy living and mindful practices are easier than you think! Most of our patients and clients just need assistance and guidance to incorporate it into their lives. Click here for more details on our successful Weight Control Clinic Program (since 1974).


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    At-Clinic Fat Loss Packages (booking essential)

    Please read T’s & C’s section (at the bottom) for more info on packages or simply click on the ‘Read more’ buttons.

    This is a once-off visit at our premises in Pretoria or Hermanus. This is ideal if you would like to live healthier with the help of our EatSMART Guide. We also perform a body composition analysis to get your baseline values.

    • 1 Month Fat Loss Injection Package.* Read more

    This option is ideal if you would like to lose 5kg or less and includes four (4) of our well-known natural fat loss injections (NO HORMONES/STIMULANTS). This option also includes 4 consultations with our Weight Control Clinic Expert to support and motivate you on your fat loss journey as well as our Rapid Fat Burner Bundle. 

    • 1 Month Standard Fat Loss Package (SAVE 20% compared to buying items separately).* Read more

    This is a great option if you are looking at losing up to 5kg of body fat naturally!

    • 2 Month/10 Week Rapid Fat Loss Package (SAVE R1000).* Read more

    This is a great in-house option if you are looking at losing 5-10 kg of body fat naturally, while increasing your metabolism ensuring long term results and improving your health and wellbeing. To help you on your health journey: you save the longer you commit!

    • 3 Month Fat Loss Package (SAVE R1400 compared to 1 Month Package).* Read more

    The 3 Month Fat loss Package is ideal if you need to lose up to 15 kg successfully and to make sure it stays off. This 3 Month/12 Week commitment is a great psychological convincer and motivation for you to reach your goal!

    • 4 Month Fat Loss Package (SAVE R1700 compared to 1 Month Package).*Read more

    The 4 Month Fat loss Package is ideal if you need to lose more than 15 kg. This package allows for enough time to incorporate healthy habits and to ensure healthy, effective and long term fat loss.

    This is a great in-house option if you are looking to maintain the weight that you worked so hard to lose, ensuring long term results and improving your health and wellbeing. 

    *T’s & C’s apply:

    • The Package includes the following per month for 1, 2, 3 or 4 months (this is for packages paid in advance). The 1 Month Fat Loss Package (simply multiply the below with the amount of months you are joining for) include:
      • 1x Rapid Fat Burner Bundle: 
        • Appetrol – our all natural, highly effective appetite suppressant with herbs and vitamins to support fat loss
        • Heart Brain Body Support & Antioxidant – supports the heart, brain, nervous system, endocrine glands and entire body for optimal function and metabolism, in support of fat loss. The Heart Brain Body Support & Antioxidant is also Step 2 of Dr Arien’s Timeless DNA Program(that ensures longevity & cell rejuvenation)
        • Fat Loss Drops – our effective herbal tincture that includes herbs to support fat loss
      • 4x Natural Fat Loss Injections including weigh-in and holistic support sessions. Note: for the 2 Month Fat Loss Package only, you get an additional 2 injections (therefore, 10 injections instead of 8 injections)
      • 1x Body Composition Assessment: to determine your total-, fat-, muscle/protein- (incl. metabolic rate) and bone/mineral weight and more. 
    • Products/services are non-exchangeable and non-refundable 
    • Packages are only valid for a period of 6 weeks for the 1 Month Package, 12 weeks for the 2 Month Package, 18 weeks for the 3 Month Package and 24 weeks for the 4 Month Package. This is to accommodate holiday breaks and possible sick leave, within reason.
    • Full responsibility remains with the client/patient who makes the decision to use the products as prescribed, to follow the program and recommendations for optimal results.
    • Allergic reactions and/or sensitivities to product ingredients are highly unlikely. 

    More info:

    Step-by-Step Procedure

    • Session 1 (Day 1):
      • During your first consultation a medical history will be taken as well as blood pressure. 
      • During your first session an InBody screening and consult will also be done to determine your body composition and baseline values (fat percentage, fat mass, muscle mass, body weight, body water, mineral content, fitness score, basal metabolic rate, etc.)
        • The InBody screening and consult can be done for anyone, and/or those on other weight loss programs, as an independent procedure.
        • InBody assessments will repeated monthly, to measure progress and to adjust the program accordingly.
      • Completely natural and safe natural medicine such as  herbal remedies and nutriceutical food supplements for effective fat loss will be recommended, explained and provided.
      • The detox phase of the program is explained to give the pancreas and liver a well deserved break. You follow this eating plan for 1 week.
    • Session 2 (1 week later):
      • Week 2 onwards: an individualised diet will be discussed based on the patient’s caloric and lifestyle needs. We emphasise (since 1974!) healthy fat/oils, protein and complex carbs to restore insulin balance and sensitivity, to support your weight loss efforts. We discuss your personal plan in this session.
    • Weekly (the amount of week will depend on the package you choose):
      • Weekly weigh-ins and highly effective natural fat loss injections are administered – where you are monitored and holistically guided through the weight release process.

    We are there every step of the way, for ongoing support, motivation, advice and recommendations.

    For new patients the following is included at the start of the program and after three months:

    • 1x Medical doctor consultation to discuss InBody and weight control
    • 1x EatSMART Guide – incl. eating plans, advice on effective exercise with reference to relevant articles
    • Health Education is our Passion! Please feel free to read our Weight Control Clinic Articles to inform yourself about your health and happiness.

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