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Workplace Wellness Solutions

There is an ever increasing need for employee wellbeing interventions that address the health risks posed by the chronic diseases of lifestyle (CDL’s), as well as the management of sick leave, absenteeism, presenteeism and productivity.

The management challenge is to maximise the return on investment for shareholders and company financial wellbeing, while understanding that high employee morale and productivity are essential in accomplishing this.

Stress Solutions

High stress levels and depression are major contributing risk factors to health challenges and reasons for employee absenteeism, sick leave and low morale.

Incorporating physical, mental-emotional and spiritual aspects, will teach employees how to manage and cope with their stress triggers from the inside out.


Natural Solutions

The chronic diseases of lifestyle (CDL’s) or health challenges, require an integrative approach that incorporates natural, well researched plant remedies, nutriceuticals (food as medicine) and other nutritional support, as well as understanding that beliefs and unconscious emotions play an essential role in creating health or disease.

Examples include metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and cholesterol, depression, arthritis, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, cancer, menopause in men and women, premenstrual syndrome, allergies, and many more.

Training Solutions

Education through effective training, leads to knowledge, skills development and people empowerment. It is time for a paradigm shift: for too long we’ve been focusing on the problem (i.e. managing the burden of disease). Let’s focus on the solution: health and wellness promotion, stress management and optimal health and wellbeing through awareness, education and new ways of thinking.

Fun and joy are essential elements for effective learning and self development!

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