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Suitable for anyone with medium to high stress levels, a chronic health challenge / disease; a high risk for developing such (e.g. family history, high or high normal blood screening tests, early or later changes in breast or full body thermograms, etc.) as well as metabolic syndrome, weight management problems and mental-emotional or psycho-spiritual concerns (e.g. looking for meaning and purpose, feeling ‘stuck’ or blocked).

  1. Three monthly, personal e-mail consultations with Dr Arien van der Merwe

i. Introduction, health risk assessment, incl. wellness, medical & stress evaluation, discussion of process, specific needs & requirements on your healing journey, questions, what to read and learn. The journal process. Healthy eating plan. Week by week program explained. Biological evaluation: Blood profile requested as necessary – referral to your local laboratory for tests. Wellness Inventory and Energy Assessments also available.

ii. Discussion of blood profile and assessment results. Practical stress management techniques recommended, personalised for your needs and requirements. Nutriceuticals & botanical medicine recommended and prescribed, as and if, necessary. Journal process progress.

iii. Closure and way forward. Done after 4 month repeat blood screening, stress & health risk assessments, and energy assessment if done.

  1. Additional three interim individual personal consultations, with Dr Arien van der Merwe for practical stress management, energy work, deep relaxation training & journal work. (More sessions can be booked if required). Dr van der Merwe will also refer to other health practitioners should the need arise.
  2. Questions, stumbling blocks and medical, as well as natural remedies, integrative and life skill training form part of the health coaching process.
  3. Books: Stress Solutions & Health & Happiness. Journal to accompany you on your healing journey.
  4. CD: Relax & Unwind for Body-Mind Resonance
  5. CD: Deeper relaxation tracks to guide you into deeper levels of healing, accessing deeper and slower brain waves for brain re-patterning, to learn to function from a level of relaxed awareness, rather than an anxious, distressed awareness.

 Price available on request, once your individual or company specific needs and requirements

have been assessed and discussed.

Please refer to the document on health coaching for more information.

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